White Rabbit is an album by George Benson. Slick has told herself, that the song was meant as a slap in the face to parents that read childrens books for their children If LSD had a theme song, it would be “White Rabbit.” What was your best and worst acid trip? "White Rabbit" is a song written by Grace Slick, and recorded by the American psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane for their 1967 album, Surrealistic Pillow. It became well known after Slick recorded it with her band, Jefferson Airplane, a year later. One the surface, "White Rabbit" would appear to be a song advocating drug use. It's about a girl's experience in the drug culture during the 60s. The fashions and the moods clue viewers in on what life was probably like 50 years ago. -"white rabbit" is seen to be a story of alice in wonderland - the idea of "tripping" on a drug that makes you high/ see things. It was released as a single and became the band's second top-10 success, peaking at number eight [2] on the Billboard Hot 100 . Indeed, in making the comparison between Lewis Carroll's works and the effects of psychoactive drugs, it would seem to be encouraging their use. General CommentA lot of people think this song is about Vietnam - White room - white house and other little metaphors within the song, not to mention it was right in that time period, but i read that Jack Bruce and Pete Brown wrote this song about Brown's flat and it's surroundings and a longing for this girl. One version of rock history could be told by the many songs that have been written about the alluring dangers of drug use. Sometime in the summer of 2016, this isolated track of Grace Slick’s vocals for “White Rabbit”--probably the most famous Jefferson Airplane song and definitely one of the top ten psychedelic songs of the late ‘60s--popped up YouTube. Considering all the drug references the song has, I can’t say that the situation doesn’t bother me. It was released as a single and became the band's second top ten success, peaking at number eight[1] on the Billboard Hot 100. Say 'Rabbit, Rabbit' For 31 Days Of Good Luck According to the superstition, uttering the words on the first of the month will make you lucky for the rest of it. In White Rabbit: A Doctor's Own Story of Addiction, Survival and Recovery Mass Market Paperback – August 1, 1991 by Martha Morrison (Author) 4.4 out of 5 stars 3 ratings When Grace Slick wrote “White Rabbit” around 1966, it was absolutely not to tell about Aspirin. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit Lyrics. The title track is a cover of the famous Great Society/Jefferson Airplane song by Grace Slick.This album was George Benson's second CTI Records project produced by Creed Taylor and was recorded nine months after Beyond the Blue Horizon. The most ridiculous example of something like this is when a jeans company played the first line of Vietnam protest song Fortune Son, “Some folks are born / made to wave the flag / ooh that red, white, and blue” and tried to play it off as some All-American anthem. Grace Slick: I didn’t have a worst. The version of Jefferson Airplane's classic psychedelic tune "White Rabbit" gets a new set of Arabic lyrics in the Oscar-nominated film "American Hustle." White Rabbit is a song written in 1966 by Grace Slick. Grace Slick wrote “White Rabbit,” in 1965, on a used piano that was painted red and missing keys. rabbit rabbit white rabbitあの方に落ちてから、スケオタさん達が使うこれ、度々目にするなぁ?仲間内のワード?暗号?と思っていたのですが… "White Rabbit" was written by Grace Slick, who based the lyrics on Lewis Carroll's book Alice In Wonderland.Like many young musicians in San Francisco, Slick did a lot of drugs. Annabeth from Kutztown, Pa The Movie Go Ask Alice was based on a book published under the same name. http://mx.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3FAD6DF689FC6C23 Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" Live on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for White Rabbit - George Benson on AllMusic - 1972 - For George Benson's second CTI project, producer… For George Benson's second CTI project, producer Creed Taylor and arranger Don Sebesky successfully place the guitarist in a Spanish-flavored setting full of flamenco flourishes, brass fanfares, moody woodwinds and such. The song "White Rabbit" pre-dates the book "Go Ask Alice". Most recently, it was invoked when the US President struggled to drink Fiji water recently. Even Marty Balin, Slick's eventual rival in Jefferson Airplane, regarded the song as a "masterpiece". He was, according to the white rabbit theory at least, sending a secret signal to his faithful followers - the songs about meeting the white rabbit … It's performed by a … QAnon and the Follow the White Rabbit conspiracy theory Some Twitter users (who are, notably, Pro-Trump) used the hashtag to reference an Alice in Wonderland … In 1998, one Missouri high school ordered “White Rabbit” removed from the school’s marching band halftime program, citing the song as “almost an anthem for the drug culture.” What made this a curious case, in part, was the fact that the marching band did not use the lyrics of the song… With its enigmatic lyrics, "White Rabbit" became one of the first songs to sneak drug references past censors on the radio. Representation of Adrenochrome, the Chemical “White Rabbit” Why Global Elites Wish to Make Articles Like This One Difficult to Discover Adrenochrome is desired by many globalist elites – from Hollywood, California, to Wall Street, NYC, to Washington, DC, and around the world. The song is, of course, a classic. Grace Slick’s voice on White Rabbit always gives me goosebumps. For her and others in the 1960s, drugs were a part of mind expansion and social experimentation. "White Rabbit" is a song written by Grace Slick and recorded by the American rock band Jefferson Airplane for their 1967 album Surrealistic Pillow. But I wonder if the cruise line using the song in their new commercial knows that the song is … The movie is interesting on that basis alone. At first I thought it meant to get smarter and not use drugs or something One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you Don't do anything at all Go ask Alice When sh One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you One of the many mistical figures that leads you into a hole of psychological discovery. The song “White Rabbit” contains the line from which the title “Go Ask Alice” derives. White Rabbit ist ein Psychedelic-Rock-Song von Jefferson Airplane aus dem Jahr 1967, der erstmals auf dem Album Surrealistic Pillow erschien. I know that the song stands for how Alice in Wonderland has 3 signs of drug-like use in it, though I never understood what 'feed your head means'. With its enigmatic lyrics, "White Rabbit" became one of the first songs to sneak drug "When the men on the chessboard get up / And tell you where to go / … The White Rabbit is your curiosity". Jefferson Airplane's 1967 psychedelic anthem White Rabbit runs with the drug theme. Das Lied wurde als Single veröffentlicht, war der zweite Top-Ten-Erfolg der Band und errang Platz 8 in den Billboard Hot 100..