It deals Wind Element magic damage and can hit multiple enemies. If you did all the quests for the Ultimate Spellbooks, it's fairly easy to pick up. Tetra Build: this is the ultimate skill of a Warlock. Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Mage, Wizard, High Wizard! Blocks 12 hits, very fast casting time. MATK + 160, Int + 3, Dex + 3, each upgrade level adds MDEF bypassing and reduces cast delay of all skills. Mind slots can be increased by base level (1 for every 10 base level), INT (1 for every 10 INT) and by the skill Freezing Spell. For support/PvP builds. Since it is one of our main stats to get damage out of, it is recommended to get 120 base INT, however I would not recommend getting more than 120 base INT - it becomes very expensive in terms of status points to raise it - you can get more mATK and utility out of some LUK and DEX. Used to summon Fire elemental balls for Tetra Vortex. Highest flat MATK boost in the game, +3 DEX. Kaahi is a Soul Linker skill. A Magician needs all the protection they can get. Requires elemental balls summoned. Feel free to spend your remaining spells however you wish. So lets get started. Amazing for mobbing at Orc Dungeon. Even as wizards and high wizards, they have a wide array of elemental spells that can deliver maximum damage to an opponent with an elemental property. Chain Lightning is typically the go to skill for farming as a Warlock. Hi Everyone! Now every 3 points of LUK gives an additional +1 ATK/mATK, which makes it a very viable option to gain some mATK at later levels. If refined +9, ATK +15, MATK +15. Preferred headgear for Green Lichtern card. Now, as warlocks, they have more devastating skills at their disposal, the two most notable skills are chain lightning and tetra vortex. It's hard to stress how important and powerful this skill is while fighting monsters. This determines how many skills they can keep memorized at any given time. Each spell book have their own “mind slot” cost – the more powerful the spell the more slots it’ll take. 20% neutral resistance, great for both PvM/PvP, 10% neutral and ranged resistance, an alternative for Raydric, more for PvP, 30% water resistance, mostly used in WoE/BG against Water Dragon Breath. Locks a target in a transparent box by chance that prevents damage except from Ghost property. A better version of the Crimson above, comes randomly enchanted. Highest MATK boost in the game as of now. I would like to say that I do not think that I’m the most expert Warlock around, but I can enlighten new, inexperienced players about the class. They are examples, tweak them to your own budget and playstyle. This means, interaction with other players are very likely and most of the times, encouraged. Needs a target to cast, but it is an 7x7 AoE spell, not blocked by Land Protector. IMPORTANT: Percentage cast time reduction and reduction from stat points do not additively stack together. The amount of spells stored can be calculated by the following formula: Once you have your spells stored, cast Release, and a random spell from your stored ones will be released. If you can spare some points, it's nice to have 20-30 STR. If you stay far enough they wont aggro, and all non dmg skills that you cast on them wont cause aggro. About me, I haven’t really been a wizard player before renewal. I made this guide in an … It offers a bit more mATK than the one above, but also much harder to obtain on high refines, which makes it a very niche option. You should stick with Meteor Storm if you lack the damage needed to one shot whatever you are farming. Renewal has changed the cast time formula completely, and introduced cooldowns on top of after-cast delays. Certain refine levels will give your Warlock bonus stats. The Archbishop skill Clementia adds +16 DEX and INT, foods are capable of adding +30 DEX and INT. Hello everyone, this is Mayo and welcome to my Warlock guide. In this guide, I would like to walk you through the basic mechanics of the class, share some builds, gameplay tips and suggestions on equipments. Makes your casting uninterruptible, great when starting out. Amazing for solo PvM in my opinion, lets you drain back about 3-4000 HP each cast, low single-target damage. To store a spell, you have to have the specific spell book in your inventory, cast the skill, and choose which one you’d like to store. Can be, Basically the best option out there at the moment for instances, because of the decent mATK and due to the fact that it's slotted and One-Handed, and allows you to use the MDEF Pierce card sets (mentioned below). Also, if you kill them with 1 hit, others wont aggro. The property of the damage depends on the summoned balls. Frozen immunity, a must for PvP situations. Best in middle headgear. 100 VIT gives immunity to Stun and Curse, and protects against Crystallization, Freezing and Mandragora Howling. This would leave you with roughly 1.8 seconds of cast time. Decreases target's movement speed, AGI and DEX of the target by a chance. An all-round great garment for PvM, unless you want to stack MATK religiously. Some equipment, mostly cards and enchants are capable of reducing your variable cast time by a percentage. Not there yet? [Player Created Class Guides] Kaahi: A solo Warlock's best friend. Cast time consist of a fixed, and a variable part. +250 MATK, +6 INT, gives a chance to recover HP and SP while magically attacking. Here are more useful runes to unlock: Stick with the Sohee Pet as you’re going to need that +10% SP Regen. The autocast FireBall interferes with your Soul Expansion spam, so dont forget to take it down whenever the situation asks for it. Also gives immunity to Silence, helps with Sleep, Deep Sleep and Oblivion Curse duration. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to find me on NovaRO Discord or the forums under the name Mayo, you can either send me a private messages or just @ at me, I'll come running. This stat has gotten a major update with the introduction of renewal. Our greatest strength is our vast arsenal of poss… That's why I left OH for last. Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough, If you find you are lacking SP Regen, substitute in, Aim for at least +5 for your accessories as there is a “hidden” refine bonus damage multiplier (You can read more about it, +10 Sacrifice Book (When Ignore M.Def > 60%, +3% M.Atk)**, +12 Eye of Dullahan (Ignore M.Def +5% and CT Variable -5%), Wizardry Staff VIII + Robe of Cast VIII + Eye of Dullahan VIII + Crystal Pumps IV Set (3%). The 25% only applies after the reduction by stats NOT the original cast time, which would mean, 25% of the 2.5 seconds. Example: you are casting a spell with 10 seconds of variable cast time, and no fixed cast time. Find the right cards for your farming needs. Can be slotted. Please help with the build so I can at least give decent dps damage. Even if the spell is ground target (such as Earth Strain or Comet), you will need a target to use Release, but the spell will still act as ground target, and will be blocked by skills such as Maelstorm and Land Protector. One of your main damage sources for leveling, damage easily (and rather cheaply) amplified by equipment, such as Alchemy Glove, or Crimson Set. Adds a 5% chance to completely ignore the target's MDEF for 5 seconds. At level 150, a Warlock will have 15 slots, with an additional slot for every 10 int, and an additional 4 for every level of Freezing Spell. Best all round, ideally compounded with an Antique Book card. if you'll get Tetra Vortex it will consume almost all of your skill points. (Divine Pride is derping, it's earth damage, not ghost). (Tip: Choosing Superior Magic Books and then the “Let me think” option will allow you to pay 200,000 zeny for the books instead of bringing items to her). Receive 40% less damage from Boss monsters. On odd refines, prevent casting interruption and increase Variable Cast Time by 20%. For Soul Expansion builds, raises Ghost damage. 100 AGI gives immunity against Bleeding and Sleep statuses, also reduces the duration of Masquerades. Before I start, I just want to say what a blessing it is to be in this server as I've learned a lot of skills and tactics in WOE and meet new 'friendly'(See what I did there?) Gives a tiny bit of flat MATK at 120 DEX, has a slot. Consumes 2, Deals Earth property damage, but most importantly, strips the equipment of the enemy by high chance. If the target is Freezing, it will take amplified damage. Used to summon Wind elemental balls for Tetra Vortex. Deals decent amount of water damage, leaves enemies Freezing. This skill, combined with Soul Drain will let you farm cards indefinitely. Arquivo de builds. +55% (355% under the effect of Intense Telekinesis), Head north, inside the building and register for the academy at the. So yeah, my guildmates get 1.2m RAW zeny on Magma dungeons, so I shared a build for it! Defensive choice against Stone curse and Sleep. At later levels, it is possible to tank MvPs with spamming Safety Wall constantly on one cell. Kill a few Porings or other beginner monsters around Prontera to reach, If you're missing a few levels, feel free to join any. Enemies closer to the impact will take more damage. Warlocks are a very versatile class, used for many roles in parties such as tanks, damage dealers, or crowd control supports. Hello I’m here to tell you my personal guide for my warlock I figure it will give you people something new to be nutsy about. Can be cast on Frozen, Imprisoned target. [SEA] Warlock Skill build. Used to summon Water elemental balls for Tetra Vortex. Skill Build / Justification. (For ET we recommend a Tetra Vortex build to one hit MVPs). Skill build: Stat build: STR 1-30 - weight limit, status resistances; AGI 70-100 - ASPD, status resistances; VIT 94+ - stun immunity, bonus HP; INT 90+ - cast time, status resistances; DEX 120 - for cast time and DEX Temporal bonus; LUK 30-60 - status resistances; Key pieces of equipment: Feather Beret + Blush of Groom + Gentleman's Pipe; WoE Robe [1] + Marc card The tactic is the same as it was for Orcs, use your vertical Fire Wall and Fire Ball against them. Every point of VIT raises your Max HP by +1% and the effectiveness of potions. Best for PvM purposes. HP +300. LUMIS MINHA AB DE BATALHA bRO – Thor / Arcebispo (Trans) por Galatorn 4 hours ago– último post 4 hours ago. Information on this page might be obsolete. MATK +1 per 10 points of INT. You can find the recommend quests below for each board. At early Magician levels, its damage. 15% neutral property resist, increases damage of earth element magic attacks by 3% per refine. If your Chain Lightning cannot 1-hit any of these options just stick with Meteor Storm farming in Glast Heim as mentioned in the High Wizard Guide. Matk +2%, Int + 1, Dex +1. Variable cast time is reduced by two things: your stats and your equipment. Perfect Dodge +20, helps a ton with tanking and mobbing. This determines how many skills they can keep memorized at any given time. Reduce damage from Brute and Undead monsters by 20%, but most importantly, set bonus with Nightmare Mimic Card (see Weapons section above). At 60 job, Warlocks get 13 INT, and 8 DEX from job bonuses. Amazing flat +MATK boost, looks pretty. You put on some gear, that lets say reduces 25% of your cast time. Warlocks have the lowest HP modifier among 3rd classes (not counting expanded classes), have extremely low weight capacity, and probably one of the most tedious classes to gear. Both an offensive and a defensive stat. (Similar to a Phen card). Raising your INT from 120 to 130 would require you to use 340 stat points and would net you +15 mATK, while raising LUK from 1 to 30 would cost you only 86 stat points, and raise your mATK by +10. Reduce damage taken from Formless and Demon races by 20%, but most importantly, set bonus with Big Ben Card (see Weapons section above). MDEF piercing, and damage increase in elemental magic. If refined to +7, ATK +5, MATK +5. Don't forget this on yourself when you're in a party, or you wont be resurrectible. Obtainable by cooking, Cash Shop, Slot machine, various boxes, 30 minute duration. It is possible to bounce on hidden targets. This makes it possible to reduce fixed cast time to zero. Chain Lightning is typically the go to skill for farming as a Warlock. Alright so you’re finished with Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough. Consumes 2. Best if put in middle headgear. Before going into detail, lets start with a general Mage and Wizard skill build, which I use for most of my builds. Ragnarok Online Warlock skill effect and description. Expensive as hell. Recommended level: 1 for Recognized Spell or 5 for PvP, Recommended level: 1 Higher levels only increase the duration and cooldown of the spell, never get higher than 1. +10% damage against Undead monsters, great against a lot of instance bosses. However, fixed (flat) reduction does stack with percentage reduction, and also with itself. Always great for revealing hidden enemies. Consumes 1. Utilizaremos uma build Full dano para o Up então sempre priorize upar Int/Dex ate virar 3rd Começando em Prontera pelo lado direito ou baixo pegue Job 10 e Vire mago e volte ate pegar a skill Bola de fogo Nv 10 A skill bola de fogo Sera utilizada ate o nivel 95 então não e necessario se preocupar com outras skills Note: Poem Of Bragi's cast time reduction stacks with this kind of reduction, while Suffragium, Isilla Card and Intense Telekinesis does not. Cơ động trong việc gây sát thương với nhiều loại quái vật, có khả năng gây sát thương cực đại cho một mục tiêu. Aspd +5%. MHP + 300, MSP + 30, +60 MATK if the user's base INT is 120. Ignore 50% magic defense of Brute and Undead monsters. The total cost of the rune path will increase to 258 Gold Medals and 118,050 Contribution Points. Though I may give equipment and stat build examples, I reinforce that Sorcerer is an extremely flexible class, use that to create your own playstyle and adapt to circumstances accordingly. Use it while mobbing in Juperos and other mobby maps, then hit enemies with Crimson Rock (Fire element deals 90% to Water1 element). To understand the full reasoning behind them, please refer to the corresponding sections above. See his other Artwork here Thanks Adolfo [Gypsy] Thanks Yuon [Paladin] [Scholar] Thanks Sizzleboom [Champion] See his/her other Artwork here Thanks Mietzy [Rogue] [Mastersmith] [Minstrel] See his/her other Artwork here Chain Lightning BounceThe above rune path costs 166 Gold Medals and 66,000 Contribution Points (it’s only a few gold medals more than what you would have had for Meteor Storm) and will give +15% Damage dealt by each bounce of Chain Lightning. the advantage of this build is you can surely kill. You are left with 2.5 seconds cast time. This Ragnarok Mobile Warlock Guide (Chain Lightning Build) forms part of the comprehensive build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Mage job tree. This skill is extremely important when farming with Soul Expansion and Crimson Rock, will refund a lot of SP consumed, leaving you with almost infinite SP. ): Here is a list of recommended enchantments to aim for: Off-hand enchantments are introduced in Episode 6. This Skill Build Guide is made by SacredMistress of Rohan Forums. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Warlock. An upgraded version of the Crimson that comes with random enchants. And we haven’t taken stat points gained from gears into calculation just yet. Well, unfortunately, not in this case. +15% HP and +5% SP if worn with. 30% resistance against Demi-Human monsters (and players). Opt for an overupgraded one. When equipped with a shield compounded to Neo Punk Card: Ignores 50% of Formless and Demon monster's Magic Defense Rate. Releases summoned elemental balls, and stored spells from Reading Spell Book. However note that it takes considerably more M.Atk to be able to farm efficiently with Chain Lightning. When casted on yourself, it lasts 5 seconds and has a 4 second cooldown, making it possible to tank MvPs (that do not have ghost attack) indefinitely. A Mage's bread and butter, directly raises your mATK by +1.5 per point, decreases your cast time, raises your SP pool and regeneration. Most suitable for "elementalist", support builds. Builds. +50% MAtk for your next spell. Adds a chance to transform you into 'Bacsojin'. If refined to +12, skill casting cannot be interrupted. You might think I've gone insane listing this spell if you're unfamiliar with the renewal changes. Tetra Build: this is the ultimate skill of a Warlock. If the refine level is even, every upgrade reduces the Variable Cast Time by 1%. Chain Lightning Bounce + Wind DmgNext you should aim for unlocking the Wind Dmg Runes. Essas construções são conhecidas popularmente como build.. As builds são construídas em torno de equipamentos que são atualizados constantemente, gerando uma imensa variedade de formas para montar seu personagem. +10% damage against Insect monsters, Scarabas. Cast time, delays and cooldowns are extremely important when you’re playing a Warlock. Percentage based reductions do not stack here, only the strongest one is applied. If we do the math here, that would total a massive 167 points towards your cast time. The Wizards researched and expanded th… Slots = (4*Freezing Spell Lv) + floor(BLv/10) + floor(Int/10) Builds Basic All-Purpose Build Outline (level 162) STR: 1 With 120 DEX and 120 INT, you would total 527 points.