You can split the tone controls like we’ll do here, then put a smaller tonecap on the corresponding tone control pot for more treble in the middle, bridge and middle/bridge positions. The bridge pickup cannot be controlled. This is not an oversight - this was was deliberately designed this way by Leo Fender himself. Strat with a push/pull switch on the neck tone control to allow neck+bridge and neck+middle+bridge … This Strat wiring mod is incredibly easy to do. The tone control is for bridge pickup use only. I believe the Armstrong strat requires two DPDT switches for neck and mid, and a DP3T for bridge. Bridge pickup, without tone control 2. It comes with a 500k volume pot for the bridge, and 250k for positions two through give. Taylor Grand Theater Urban Ash Demo - PG Gear Spotlight. With the bridge tone control prewired kit it is possible to control the tone of all three pickups. This works, but it doesn’t really work as well as it could. By now you should have a thorough understanding of how to use the 5 way switch to mod your guitar. Position five: neck pickup only; Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster. Let’s take this a step further and look at few combinations in how to wire a 5 way switch you can try: 4. When not in use, the S-1 switch doesn’t affect standard Stratocaster wiring, which is: Position one: bridge pickup only. No tone control for position 3 (middle only) • LONESTAR STRAT - 5 way super switch is used to split the coil of the humbucker when in position 2 as well as to assign a separate tone control to the bridge pickup (with a .022 uf cap) and another tone control for the single coils (.047 uf). For instance, in the above wiring, we have Tone 1 connected to B1 (bridge), but we can also connect Tone 1 to B2 or B3 as well. He is fascinated by anything that has something to do with old Fender guitars and amps. He is also a hardcore DIY guy for guitars, amps and stompboxes and runs an extensive webpage, The COVID Files: Inside the Mod Garage Shop During Lockdown, How to Get the Most out of Hum-Sing-Hum Wiring, The Fender "Passing Lane" Stratocaster Mod, 1. The push/pull tone pot rolloff only affects the bridge positions, and the 1st tone affects the neck and middle positions. This means that each of the tone controls has the same frequency response curve. With this wiring, you’ll also be able to control the tone of the bridge pickup (Vintage Strat wiring doesn’t give you this ability). I get tons of questions and emails about Strat tone mods. The bridge pickup usually bypasses any tone control leaving it with only one tone setting: ULTRA BRIGHT. Add a switch to my strat so that I can turn the bridge pickup on in the neck and neck/middle positions Have a dedicated tone knob for the bridge with neck and middle sharing the other knob I followed this tutorial , however the wiring isn't quite right. Wiring Diagrams for Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson, Jazz Bass and more. With the usual standard circuit, the neck pickup is controlled with the first tone pickup, and the middle pickup with the second tone pickup. In guitar circuits, there’s treble roll-off and a resonance peak at the roll-off frequency. Please notice the modified wiring on stage #2 of the 5-way switch, and the additional tonecap, all marked in red. In 1964, the Strat’s 10th anniversary coincided with a change in cap value from 0.1uF to 0.047uF. It’s never to late to change such things, though— so pull out your soldering iron and heat it up! In vintage times we would have soldered a wire from common to the volume control. Position 4 Middle + Neck = Tone 1 or Tone 2, 2. Wait what? This wiring is great for Strat players who want a simple and easy operation. Replacing the push/pull pot with a standard 500k potentiometer will work with either a 2, 3, or 4-wire humbucker. I think you got the idea—you can also review my earlier column, “Auditioning Tone Capacitors” [March 2009 Web Exclusive] for more details about tone caps and values. For many people, the tone control itself is just a potentiometer (Volume knob) with a capacitor attached to it. Let’s take second to remember the standard Strat 5-way switch wiring from Part 2 (Fig 1A). Now each pickup’s tone can be adjusted when we select either the pickup by itself (position 1,3, and 5)  or when in the “in-between” positions (2 and 4). If they had used two capacitors, one for each tone control, it would have cost a few more cents, but the tone controls would have been more useful. Simply solder a little wire between the Tone 2 terminal and that open terminal, and ta-da, you've got tone control for the bridge-alone pickup selection. In one of my own Strats, I did that mod (bridge and middle pickup sharing one tone pot) and split the tone controls. Privacy Policy | He hates short scales and Telecaster neck pickups, but loves twang. Almost all wiring schematics that I found involve the tone pots to control the neck and mid individually (like a standard strat). The S-1 switch built into the volume knob of the Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster bypasses the preamp. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. One of the biggest advantages of connecting both sides of the switch via a jumper is that we can better utilize the tone pots. I would like to wire my guitar as per the strat lovers other strat wiring diagram however my switch only has 7 terminal where the genuine fender and squire have 8. Some players say that a bridge-only pickup setting on a Strat with no tone control wired is totally unusable, and that yes, the standard wiring should be changed so bridge-only works with Tone 2. You can always experiment with different cap values for a different sound, but this wiring is what comes standard on most Fender Strats after 2000. Two tone controls and the one furthest away from me does not follow logic and does not control the bridge pickup? Strat style guitar wiring diagram with three single coils, 5-way lever switch, 1 volume, 2 tones. When you take apart your Strat and look at the switch, you'll see this in plain sight. If you just joined us on this adventure and need to get up to speed we recommend checking out Part 1 and Part 2. Using two different tonecaps will allow you to use different types of capacitors, or even different capacitor values, for certain pickups. Bridge/On Standard strat wiring with bridge pickup on/off using a push/pull pot. Typical standard Fender Stratocaster guitar wiring with master volume plus 1 neck tone control and one middle pickup tone control. Vintage 3 Way Strat Wiring. Ever. Cool eh?! I suspect that Fender used only one capacitor when the Stratocaster was developed back in the ‘50s in order to cut cost. In Part 2, we walked you through a standard Strat 5-way switch wiring scheme. There are many mods out there, and in my 15+ years working with guitar electronics I have pretty much seen them all, and even created a few of my own too. We moved tone 2 to B1 (bridge) and connected a jumper between B2 and B3. Here’s a breakdown of Fig 1B: Position 1 Bridge = Tone 2 | Position 2 Bridge + Middle = Tone 1 or Tone 2 | Position 3 Middle = Tone 1 | Position 4 Middle + Neck = Tone 1 | Position 5 Neck = Tone 1. Then I have the first tone pot (also push pull) acting as a 7 way switch mod that allows all three pickups or neck and bridge at the same time. Your Pedalboards 2020: Part Deux, 3. 2 humbuckers 1 singlecoil, 2 coil select switches, 5way, 1vol,1tone 2 humbuckers, 2 tone, 1 vol, 3way Another coil select diagram 2 humbuckers, 2 vol, 2 tone, phase switch and coil select uses push pulls for the volume and tone controls to work the coil select function Position 2 Bridge + Middle = Tone 2 or Tone 1, 2. For this, we will have to modify stage #2 (output stage) of our 5-way pickup selector switch. I’ve decided that I should probably give the neck pickup it’s own dedicated tone control, middle wired open without one, and bridge with the second tone control. The SMALLER the capacitor (like .022, .015 or less) the less the treble is removed.This is because the filter frequency shifts higher so more high frequency remains. In my 5-year-old voice: “But, I want to have a tone on all my pickups… waaaah.” Well, you may not be able to have an independent tone for each pickup (we only have two), but we do have a nice, easy solution that just may make you drool uncontrollably. I only color coated the ground leads and … This is the simplest Strat wiring mod you can do. In this video I show how to connect the bridge pickup on a Stratocaster to the second tone control. Santa Barbara, California. Position 2 Bridge + Middle = Tone 1 or Tone 2, 1.Position 1 Bridge = Tone 1 or Master Tone 2, 2. Transform Your Strat Into A Blues Monster! Moreover, the jumper was created by pushing back more of the cloth from the tone 1 lead wire so it would extend to terminal B2. You also get a professional wiring diagram. If you use a 5-way switch, the middle and bridge position will be affected by both tone controls—a really cool option! One pot is a tone control for both the neck and middle pickup, while the other pot is a tone control for the bridge pickup only. Been thinking about re-wiring at least one Strat with a blender pot. This mod is easy to do, but very helpful and effective—plus it doesn’t alter the appearance of your guitar. As far as I know, such a circuit drawing was never published anywhere before, so stay tuned. Well, now our neck and middle pickups share the tone 1 potentiometer and our bridge pickup gets its own tone control. Next month, you’ll find a PG first right here: I’ll show you how to use the famous Gibson ‘50s vintage wiring from the late-fifties Burst Les Paul guitars in your Stratocaster! B+M in series, with middle pickup's tone control 4. If your strat has the traditional wiring where the bridge pickup isn't connected to a tone knob this shouldn't be a problem. NOTE: CW - Clockwise CCW - Counter Clockwise This diagram works with a 3 or 4-wire humbucker only. Well your wait is over, and today we are going to show you 5 easy Strat mods you can do with a standard 5-way Strat switch. You can download the standard wiring scheme from the Seymour Duncan webpage at: So here, in comparison to the standard wiring, is the Tone Split mod. Strat Bridge Tone Wiring Diagram from To properly read a wiring diagram, one has to find out how the particular components inside the system operate. We don’t have the option to use the tone pot on the bridge by itself (position 1). There’s only “1” Strat Mod that makes any sense – to get the fullest range of tone options –. This is also a good time to think about changing the configuration of the two tone controls. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. This wiring setup uses the Seymour Duncan Spin-A-Split idea to vary the coil split from full humbucker to a single coil using a pot instead of a switch. */, Copyright ©2020. In the stock Stratocaster wiring, the bridge pickup has no tone control, while the middle and neck pickups each have an individual tone control. You lose the bridge tone control this way of course. the “Bridge Pickup Tone Control” (BPTC) mod. Alternate mode provides the following: 1. I would like to find out the wiring so one tone pot controls the mid and neck while the other controls the bridge. That’s it. If you want to control your bridge pickup using the front tone control, along with the neck pickup, simply connect the piece of wire one terminal further to the one labeled “to neck tone,” and you’re done. We address this in a couple of ways. Didn’t even need an extra wire! . All rights reserved. Beautiful, easy to follow guitar and bass wiring diagrams. The standard way to connect multiple pickups is to wire them in parallel. Please Note: This guitar wiring diagram is property of Inc. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. Bridge pickup, with middle pickup's tone control 3. Currently have a CV60 with a set of Rose Mariposa pickups.