It may seem strange to listen to so definite a statement of the everlasting future at so early a stage in the revelation. Jesus said, "I am the way.". To show that wicked men have often the greatest portion in this world, I need not speak much: the experience of all ages since the beginning of the world confirms it, your own observation, I believe, can seal to it; however, Scripture abundantly evinces it. The doctrine of the future life was never clear to Israel as to us. )The time for satisfactionJoseph Parker, D. D.Who has not misread this verse, by not perceiving the punctuation? 3. The eye will be satisfied with seeing, for it will see the King in His glory (Isaiah 33:17; 1 John 2:2). If you want proof that the real origin of religions belief is the reverence of human goodness, take not the mere creed of Christendom, but the cherished belief of its heart. According to the ideas commonly entertained with regard to our state now and hereafter, we are awake in this life, and we sleep at death. Not only a righteous cause, but a righteous prayer are urged as motives why God should hear. 3. The body is not a thing to be cried down and despised, as we shall know full well when we have it in the Saviour's likeness.3. This seven volume "magnum opus", by Charles H. Spurgeon, was first published in weekly installments over a twenty-year span in the London Metropolitan Tabernacle's periodical, The Sword and the Trowel. But the Hebrews had a religion before they had the law. If he will try it by force of arms, and assaults the saints by persecution, as the "Lord of hosts" he will oppose him. Thou hast smelted me, and found in me no dross. J. Austin.A good man's consolation in a time of severe distress. The intellect will be satisfied in knowing, for it will comprehend the grandest mysteries of nature, providence, and grace. But because it is beyond the reach of the power that is finite, does this prove that it is beyond the reach of that power that is infinite? Look at that which is beyond yourself. Do not be afraid of death, then.II. MAN'S SATISFACTION IS GOD'S LIKENESS. Thus God is the chief good, and the enjoyment of God for ever is the highest felicity of which the soul is capable. Here, again, the Psalmist encounters one of those great evils, perfect deliverance from which is reserved to another state of being. The moral image of God is defaced and destroyed in apostate man. The worldling is not satisfied, and cannot be. We cannot accept as a God one whose moral principles are below those of his own finite creatures. Hypocritical piety is double iniquity. Every man walketh in a vain show. feel is the right thing for us? They are inclosed in their own fat. We do not know what the Divine alchemy may do for these bodies of ours. Every dog has his day, and they have theirs, and a bright summer's day it seems; but ah! There is a fulness in God that satisfies, and yet so much sweetness that the soul still desires. 5. Thou hast proved mine heart. II. Only that is solid and valuable which has been connected with God. To our true selves and to God we shall awake. David seems in several places to be naturally inclined to lying, but he takes up a particular resolution against it: (Psalms 17:3), I am purposed that my mouth shall not transgress; (ytmz) —I have contrived to waylay and intercept the sin of lying when it hath an occasion to approach me. Study the bible online using commentary on Psalm 17 and more! The face of a familiar friend is welcome. The world is a narrow bound: unless we get beyond the creature, and set our hopes above this world, we cannot by happy. And there will be a likeness, an awaking in His image. From the wicked that oppress me, from my deadly enemies, who compass me about. Take the other idea. Ver. What is this likeness? They seem to have the best of it. But some of the Divine attributes are incommunicable. If we have done this we shall live holily, because under the influence of Christ. But in Christ Jesus the glory of our nature is restored. The verdict of humanity has long been passed, that morality, justice, love, righteousness, goodness, call it what you will is the best and highest in man, and the most righteous man, or most loving man is the noblest. A psalm that can literally be prayed out because it is a cry from the soul in duress to a Lord who is not distant. David's was a personal God, a living person, to whom like a child to its parent he could run and take refuge. Ver. We will tell you how our conceptions of God are determined in the first instance, how they are sustained, and how they can be corrected and improved. Ver. 14. Our faith is nobler than yours, because we have allowed ourselves to be taught by the moral progress of our own times, and by the highest instincts of our souls. He belongs to a system in which what we call nature wastes nothing. As for outward things, crabs, the Lord suffers the swine of the world to come grunting and take them up; but when he comes to his choice mercies in his Christ, there he makes a distinction. Right has a voice which Jehovah always hears; and if my wrongs clamour against me with great force and fury, I will pray the Lord to hear that still louder and mightier voice of the right, and the rights of his dear Son. "I shall be satisfied" in that glorious day when all the angels of God shall come to see the triumphs of Jesus, and when his people shall be victorious with him. The markets, governments, trades, professions, pleasures, and pursuits of the world fade as a baseless vision of the night the moment the soul opens its eye in eternity. John Gill. Jackson Goadby. (William Jay. This man anticipates it, and he will be satisfied with it. But yet these tastes of the water, wine, and honey of this celestial Canaan, with which the Holy Spirit makes glad the hearts of believers, are both far more desirable and satisfactory than the overflowing streams of all earthly felicities. 4. According to the ideas commonly entertained with regard to our state now and hereafter, we are awake in this life, and we sleep at death. But the word here points on to the future. Death, instead of being the extinction of being, is the awakening of it out of sleep. Ver. II. Moreover, the Christian wayfarer is painfully conscious of deficiency in that lively wakefulness which is most important to his spiritual progress. All the instincts, all the faculties, which are in any of its creatures, there is always something to meet them. Indeed, when God comes into his choice mercies in Christ, there he looks to have glory from them, and he doth never give them to any, but first he prepares them, that they may give him the glory of those mercies. 3. 15. "I press towards the mark," etc.2. We think; we study; we seek after truth, and find it. Your portrait and mine are being painted, and God by wondrous strokes and influences is working us up to his own ideal. If the bushel be not full of wheat, it may soon be once more full of chaff. Ver. There will be nothing left to wish and long for, and it will be all comprised and contained in that one absorbing brilliance of his hope, the likeness of his Lord. The old Pope, when he had Michael Angelo employed in decorating the interior of that magnificent structure, the Sistine Chapel, demanded that the scaffolding should be taken down so that he could see the glowing colours that with matchless skill were being laid on. There is a certainty about this awakening. We must follow the one or the other; the Book of Life, or the way of death; the word of the Holy Spirit, or the suggestion of the Evil Spirit. Such a weird and tremendous power is our memory. We shall never be able to say, with any firmness of tone, "I shall be satisfied," until we can also add, "Not m my own righteousness, but in the righteousness which is of God in Christ." David expected to behold the face of God in some peculiar manner when he should awake in the world of light. THE SATISFACTION OF THE FUTURE CONSISTS IN A PARTICIPATION IN THE DIVINE LIKENESS. Take the other idea. While we are in the midst of men we shall have their works thrust under our notice, and we shall be compelled to keep a corner of our diary headed "concerning the works of men." III. Thus the soul rises to the hope of immortality. In Divine revelation, on the other hand, there are shallows in which a child may wade, whilst there are depths in which a philosopher may swim. And with that he expects an ultimate and perfect satisfaction, and he expects it in the way of righteousness. 3), "Thou hast visited me in the night." )The time for satisfactionJoseph Parker, D. D.Who has not misread this verse, by not perceiving the punctuation? "When I awake in Thy likeness." David remembers the words of fear in the mouths of his friends. Natural men are entirely asleep, but Christians cannot sleep, "as do others." Ver. The heart that in my furnace will not melt, When it the glowing heat thereof hath felt, Turn liquid, and dissolve in tears Of true repentance for its faults, that hears My threatening voice, and never fears, Is not an heart worth having. "Clouds and darkness are round about Him." Memory is too precious a chamber of the soul to be scattered and destroyed. It is truly said so to awake at its first quitting these darksome regions, when it lays aside its cumbersome night veil. I think I see that grand procession, when Jesus Christ first of all, with many crowns on his head, with his bright, glorious, immortal body, shall lead the way. In the immediate presence of the blessed God, faith and hope shall attain perfection.3. Only that is solid and valuable which has been connected with God. "I shall be satisfied." THERE IS THE BEATITUDE OF THE CONSCIENCE. De Witt Talmage.Among the beautiful epitaphs, of which the world is full, the following may be mentioned: Near Marshfield, the famous country home of Daniel Webster, is a lonely little graveyard where the great statesman lies buried. But the word here points on to the future. MAN'S DEATH IS AN AWAKENING. 1. If flames are beds of roses, what will it be to lean on the bosom of Jesus! Smellie, M. If the saints have found so much delight in God while they were suffering, oh, what joy and delight will they have when they are being crowned! He calls them "men of the world, which have their portion in this life: whose belly is filled with hid treasure" — with the things they gather, and hoard, and store away. It is unreal. GOD MANIFESTS HIS PECULIAR PRESENCE IN HEAVEN.