For the next example I will show you how the damage is calculated. Oh, keep in mind that the maximum LUC critical rate = 95%. Upset or Unhappy? Shaiya Archer/Hunter Build Guide by misterdude. Leveling Guide[/color][/size] [color=green]Level 1-32[/color] (Choose channel 5 or channel 6 for this!) What skills to use for PvP? Assassins are Weak vs… I can name all the those debuffs, but I can make it easier. As such, it contains things up to that point but is incomplete beyond that. Erina / Reikeuseu Mobs Drekslur the Watcher (Lvl 20+):(Quest obtained by Vueltas Scout)15d or 30d robot pets Willieoseu / Keuraijen Mobs HaruhionLv 40-50 Goddess itemsHaruhion’s Box no1Rectitude Box (50)Crest of Rectutide x50Haruhion’s Box no2Lapis Lv7Treasure Chest of DragonLv 50+ dread items Cryptic Throne DungeonEarth Alchemy PowderGoddess ArmorGoddess Weapon Cryptic the … Almost everyone plays games on mobile. If you have the gear already, than fix your stats based from the gears. Anyway, I have a few additions: Leveling 53-56 Depending on the correctness of your build, beyond level 53 HM or UM, you are strong enough to grind in Stable Erde aka Jungle or the Deep Desert solo. Assassins are seen as the most feared character in Shaiya, that is because they can take out any other types of characters in 1-on-1 fight and even taking out a whole party when the right skills are used. Für gewöhnlich arbeitet man mit einem Verteidiger/Wächter, einem Priester/Orakel und manchmal einem zweiten oder dritten Magus/Heiden zusammen. Then Better Play Game. But than you are facing a big variable that I can’t calculate, that is the amount of LUC of your opponent. Eventually, rec-mages don’t have to care anymore; they can tank somewhat. In conclusion, the reversed sword is just slightly better but that is just a detail (and it makes your assassin look cooler. This guide will tell you how to find the best noble armor for 1-15 PvP for every class. A good warrior/fighter has almost as much DEX as an assassin. Be aware they use dispel potions also. GRB your –peep- off, to make your guild better. Physical attack power is the focus of the Warrior, but focus solely on Strength. Background info on Shaiya Bless bar The bar in the bottom right hand side of the screen is your Bless Bar, it is shared by everyone on your server’s faction. I don’t want to scare you guys off from selecting an assassin, but grinding with as assassin is a bit of a pain. Shaiya leveling Guide 02/21/2010 - Shaiya - 8 Replies Hi Shaiya-Community, I'll show you in this small guide where you can level at Shaiya! Or go to the emperors/golems in Lanhaar. Oracles also make great allies for duo parties. Eviscerate (Evi) has a recharge of 45 sec, Dark Panic (DP) 90 seconds and Gruesome Zone (GZ) 90 seconds. Than you have a 90% chance to do a critical with a variation between 150% damage and 262.5% damage multiplier. leveling guide:) : Shaiya - Submissions: Posted: November 7th, 2009, 5:33 pm jeshe92 Total Posts: 5 Joined: November 7th, 2009, 5:18 pm jeshe92's Reps: 1. This mode takes skill and patience. The suggested restat level is 53, that is when you attained the incantation skill lvl3. The Black Market: 0 /0/ 0. Skulleron - Pandoraphis / Astenes - Lanharr, Valdemar / Palaion Regnum (Jungle 65 to 70), Let us know in the comment section if you have better options for leveling. Some day, I will write high level guides. The most important question is the “why”. There is a rule about REC for assassins, which is assassins don’t use defence to survive. I no longer play and do not know whether anything in this guide is useful anymore, so use at your own risk. To be more safe, Stun Crash and finish it off with Tetanus combo. Use it. You should cast, cast again, run away if mob is near or hits you, then cast again. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > 05/19/2012, 23:29 #1-ColdBloodShaiya- elite*gold: 0 . This is a list of all the Quests available to Alliance of Light characters in Erina. Big Coup and Perfect Position is your best friend. Assassins are build to solo in the first place. Assassins can disguise themselves as harmless creatures or as the enemy, further enabling their stealth. Don’t spend too much time looking for a party. This is your opportunity to perfect your current Assassin. Iiiiiiiiiiiii” Count to 13 after performing Dark Panic while kill the healer first. Dedication To my guild mates, all GM & GS and all my friends for their love and support. What do we have learned, besides that we are mean, evil and sneaky? If you need to read this section of the guide, do not PvP. Stealth first, wait till stealth is almost near recharge time, than Shadow Attack the healer. Everything below 400 is considered as weak. (Only Light Map1 and Fury Map1) 1.Getting started 2.The different maps 2.1Fury 2.2Light 3.End: Shaiya Guide Build Help for all clases 08/06/2009 - Shaiya - … They use evasion instead, that is where DEX is for. YES, there where the LUC builders have 3 stats to focus, the non-LUC builders has that also. This is your best opportunity to prepare you gearing for your future UM assassin with your current HM. You begin the game in a dungeon. Capes X. The characteristics of a reversed sword is it focused on LUC stats and has lower minimum – higher maximum damage where the dual claws has higher minimum – lower maximum damage and it is mainly focused on STR stats. Start your journey now! Warriors automatically gains + 1 to STR each Level. there is no best build and there will never be one. I can say, they are both powerful (read more in LUC build vs. non-LUC build section). You won the fight already. Mother of Raptors quest can be taken at level 1, level 15, level 30, level 60 and level 80. Human and Elven quests listed here. Good for starters of NM and HM. As far as I know there is no other guide dedicated to this and this one is accurate. Fantasy MMORPG kostenlos spielen - Erkunde gefährliche Dungeons! In future new Episode, the maximum level will be increased to 70, GRIND!!!!! That's why Shaiya still has lots of private servers and people love to play this game. My methods is basically the SHIFT-SWITCH method. Quests are missions or tasks that a character can actively seek out to gain a reward. When the time comes you will see that your success is not only achieved by power and ubergearing, but in fact it is achieved by your situational awareness, which is a state of mind. Shaiya - Free servers, guides, private servers, information. PvP 1-15 Also here, prepare for ouch time. In Shaiya hat der Magus/Heide die Aufgabe in AoE Parties die Gegner zu erledigen. That is PROHIBIDADO!!! The idea to make this guide actually came from two other players .WheresLupers and Aes. Ranking up allows players to gain access to more stats. Stun it and kill it. For the next two example I used the utopia phenomenon, that is with eternal endurance, no dexterity and no opponent. Welcome to Shaiya Diversity max. In my previous guides, I have found that a lot of higher levels like to attack these guides, but from their own mindset, not from a person who is new to the class. Quests: Mother of Raptors (1) To start the quest, you should give the Survivor Pet to the Mother of Raptors. Everyone is using their own methods of course. Besides that, the power buffs, such as Big Coup, Perfect Position, Flash Attack and Magic Defy are needed. The Modes/ Stats III. Grinding Path Killer595 aka Kyrosin spend much time with writing the grinding path. Mmm, just kill it. Most players use only the Tetanus, Stun and the Stealth chains for PvP. Raxxanterax Recommended for … Your email address will not be published. You can modify your car which you score goals and... Riot Games, the developer of the game, gave the good news. PvP Ranking; Guild Ranking; Download; Menu. (2 SP) Level 1: Erhöht die Angriffskraft um 12, wenn eine schwere Waffe ausgerüstet ist. Rocket League developers shared some new redeem codes that you can get some cool stuff. The LUC build is in fact a bit cheaper than the STR build when it comes to gears, but that is just a detail. Skill bar #1 – Tetanus Chain – vs. killing spree, Skill bar #2 – Stun Chain – vs. stun-locking targets, Skill bar #3 – Dragdown Chain – vs. other rangers and annoying tanks, Skill bar #4 – Dragdown + Tetanus Chain – taking down squishy rangers, Killer595 aka Kyrosin for providing the best grinding path ever ->, c0dedzer0 for the nice information about the playing styles ->, Meeps has a nice EP3 skill list in screenshots ->, 25-07-2009 – Syeeric Touch specification changed as requested, 29-07-2009 – Fixed layout and some minor grammar errors, 15-08-2009 – Armory Guide added (provided by grand.fb), 10-10-2009 – PvP 1-15 section added in PvP Strategy section with Video ^^. Last Words I really hope the provided information will help you with your questions. With the coming of EP4, the UM build battle tanks are sick. Stun lock and finish. Human and Elven quests listed here. I retired from actively playing the game before EP4 was released. You will farm enough dual lapisses to link your gears, or sell for gold. Some people are farming 80-100 million worth of duals each day. For assassins don’t use defence much, the evasion is the best defence. (((STR * 1.333… + WP ATK) * ((1.5 + (LUC/100 * 0.25 + 1.5)) / 2 ) ) * LUC/500 ) + ((STR * 1.333… + WP ATK) * (1 – LUC/500) / 2 = average damage (both critical and non-critical damages included). This is an updated and corrected guide for new players. These stats may be allocated just like other stats and are a bonus on top of stats gained while leveling up. The reversed sword is SLIGHTLY BETTER. Basically the reversed sword and the dual claw of the same level have the same AVERAGE damage. Whenever you are facing a bit stronger opponent, you try to stunlock him.