Here’s very important tip: once the sand is level, don’t push the brick into it -- that will throw your whole walkway off. Shop pavers & stepping stones and a variety of lawn & garden products online at To help form the curves, use a long piece of lattice (you’ll find it at your local lumber store). Clean out the base of the walkway with a rake and then compact it with a hand tamper. This is an important step, so take your time. Then, a one-inch thick layer of sand is added across the entire area where the pavers will be laid down. This is called … After all the bricks are in position, sweep dry sand into all the joints to hold them in place (Image 1). How to Install a Traditional Brick Walkway, What You Should Know About Installing Insulation, 60+ Ways to Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers. To dispose of the broken-up concrete, Mark used Bagster. We added fill dirt along the straight edges and tamped it down to hold the pavers in place. Easy to Maintain Siding with a Modern Spin | 2020 Farmhouse in Fairfield County. Installing pavers over concrete defeats some of the main benefits that you get with pavers. Reseal concrete pavers every two years or so, especially in areas with heavy traffic and a lot of wear. This helps drain water away from the pavers and off the concrete slab. Lay bricks around the concrete slab's outside edges, with brick narrow sides facing outward. These can be purchased at home centers, and then the pickups are scheduled online at their website. Called soldier rows, these outside bricks create a stable frame for the inside pavers. Remove the concrete pieces and dispose of them in the disposable dumpster. Look for a weak point in the concrete, such as the control joints or a crack in the walkway, and try to pry up the concrete pad using the pickax as leverage. Instead, take the brick and gently place it on top. Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our experts–straight to your inbox. Consider using a beautiful stone with a random pattern to create a walkway that will provide the foundation for an entire backyard transformation. Well, here’s the trick: you just square everything off and figure the width times length of each part. Carve out a stone-paved path that winds past areas of interest in your yard. Our walk had two areas with curves (Image 1), which means we had to cut quite a few bricks. Steps for Replacing a Concrete Walkway: Look for a weak point in the concrete, such as the control joints or a crack in the walkway, and try to pry up the... With the concrete pad loose, smash it with the sledgehammer until it breaks into manageable pieces. For this project you need concrete sand, which is jagged and will lock into place to hold the pavers steady. The first step is getting rid of the old walkway -- a pretty easy process. Give your patio or deck a fine looking finish by installing this gravel walkway, … In short, yes, it is possible, but with a few things to keep in mind. Once you understand how pavers work, you will find that removing concrete before installing pavers will ensure a long-lasting pavers driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway. First, having a pre-set base like concrete will restrict your creativity and freedom to add to the patio, driveway, or walkway. Which types of pavers can be installed over concrete? A traditional paver walkway consists of several layers: A 6-inch layer of gravel paver base; A 1-inch layer of sand; Pavers; Polymeric or jointing sand in the joints between the pavers; For this walkway, we're using interlocking paver base panels (illustration above) instead of the gravel base… Use these step-by-step instructions to install a charming herringbone-pattern brick walk. The clay bricks Mark installed on the walkway are City Hall Pavers, which can be found, alongside the other masonry materials used to install the walkway, at most brick yards. The next item to consider is the amount of concrete you will need. Pouring a concrete path is a relatively simple way to create a lasting walkway. Flexibility of pavers Pavers are … Depending on the size of the walkway, Mark suggests that it’s easier to break apart the concrete using a pickax and a sledgehammer. Go to the home center, pick out the brick you’d like to use, and they’ll tell you how many bricks you’ll need for the job. Add additional layers of stone dust as necessary and wash off the walkway until the joints in the bricks are completely filled and packed down with stone dust. We purchased a strip of plastic edging for the curve, tucking it under the brick, then nailing it in position (Image 2). 129 square feet: $240.46: $275.38: Concrete Sidewalk Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install concrete sidewalk … This can be a little tricky because not all walkways are squares or rectangles. Any … We love to DIY. Once the concrete has dried, border pavers will be glued down using mortar or a construction adhesive. Broken Paver Patio & Walkway Repairs Costs. Screed Sand. video for Easy to Maintain Siding with a Modern Spin | 2020 Farmhouse in Fairfield County, What To Put on Icy Steps, Stairs, Walkways, and Garage Floors, How to Pre-treat and Prevent Ice Like a Pro. Lay one series of the bricks the width of the walk, from a fixed edge of the house foundation to the edge of the walk. You’ll need to sweep more sand into the joints after the compactor and once or twice again after the first couple of rainstorms. You should have a smooth area. Fabricate, set and level stone. Using the durable board and batten siding from LP Smartside, Jerry and his team created a functional and customized look for the home. To figure out how many pavers you need for your walkway poses another math problem: Take the length of the entire walkway and multiply that by the width to equal your square footage. Spread out about 2" of sand over the walk area, then place two 1" pipes on either side of the paving area. So there’s basically half the thickness … The only difference was that we used less sand -- about 1". See This 19th-Century Schoolhouse Get Repurposed into a Charming Home. All rights reserved. Pour a layer of gravel on top of the walkway and spread it out with the rake. After you've started the pattern, run a string along the outside edge from one end to the other. Then multiple them -- and that’s your cubic footage. With the old walkway removed, you’ll need to create the edge of the walk with either stakes and a string or a garden hose. Flexibility of pavers. For example, suppose you have an L-shaped walkway that's kind of thin in some places and really fat in others. Do that all the way down. If you don’t want to rent a tamper, you can make one by nailing a 2x4 to the center of a 1'-square piece of plywood. This will ensure the level of the stone dust is the perfect height to receive the bricks. When you put them together, those nubs keep them far enough apart that the sand or stone dust will get in there, penetrate the crack and lock the whole walkway in place. First you have to remove about 8" of topsoil, then make sure it's straight and level (Image 1). Once the bricks are in the correct position, hammer them down with a rubber mallet. Pretty Gravel Walkway. Obviously you don’t know where to measure. To create a cleaner edge, remove any sod with a flat shovel. Wash off the walkway. With the concrete pad loose, smash it with the sledgehammer until it breaks into manageable pieces. Remove the concrete pieces … Because this section of concrete was pretty level, we just added sand on top and followed the same process as the other sections. In the video, Mark installs the walkway in a running bond pattern. Apply polymer … Use twine and sticks to mark the area where you will be laying your pavers and use it … To make quick cuts, be sure it has a diamond-coated blade and not an ordinary masonry blade. If the damage from the walkway was caused by chipmunks, protect the sides of the walkway by … Transform an ugly asphalt or concrete path into a beautiful bluestone walkway. Once you understand how pavers work, you will find that removing concrete before installing pavers will ensure a long-lasting paver driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway. Put a level across the pipes and add sand under the pipes until they are level. The website also includes guidelines for what can be thrown away in the dumpster and where it needs to be placed in order for pickup. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Follow these steps to create a walkway out of pavers instead of concrete. Jason Cameron shares important tips on how to install a new paver walkway. For larger walkways, it’s possible to also rent a jackhammer from most home centers. Pavers are usually much cheaper to install and repair. We used two different patterns for our walk: a soldier pattern on the edges and a runner pattern in the field area. But no matter what type you pick, they all have a similarity. Drill holes in the concrete slab all the way down to the dirt; the holes should be approximately 1 inch … (To figure out about how much material you’ll need for this job is a simple math problem; here’s how to figure out the cubic footage: First measure the length of the entire walkway, then the width and the depth. Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. If there are no weak points, hit the pad with a sledgehammer until a crack forms. Before installing pavers over concrete, the surface is cleaned with pressure washer to remove any dirt or debris. The concrete bond … Then, place the two notched edges on the edges of the walkway. If you use beach sand, the pieces are round and your bricks could shift. Copyright © 2020 This Old House Ventures, LLC. Lay out the conduit poles about … Expert assistance with this project was provided by MJM Masonry. work on sand in small sections. Learn how to establish a level surface and then lay bricks for a unique walkway. The cost to install pavers or a concrete slab depends on the surface area that you want covered, materials, labor, and removal of previous pavers or concrete. Use it only once over the pavers (Image 3). The great thing about pavers is that they come in many shapes, colors and styles: traditional brick, cobblestone, square. This is called "screeding." Transform your favorite backyard space with an easy-to-install, European-style cobblestone pathway. The nubs, for instance, are very important. You add up those two figures of square footage to get the total square feet. Yes, But…The Disadvantages. This is entirely left up to your discretion! Add a final layer of stone dust over the walkway and brush it into the joints with a push brush. Remove the pipes, fill the indentations with sand and smooth with your hand. Layout, mark and excavate area to be paved. Put a level across the pipes and add sand under the pipes until they are level. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. That way you’ll ensure that your walkway will stay nice and level. Get video instructions about kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling, flooring, painting and more. Make sure you don’t use just play sand. We recommend renting a plate compactor to further set the brick. Add 6" base gravel, edge border, and 1" bedding sand. Use a trowel and additional stone dust to fill in low spots as you screed. Place the bricks on the walkway in the desired pattern. You can save yourself some time and money if your walkway is made up of only straight lines. Eventually all of the stones will be re-laid, but for now we're fixing the worst stones that pose a tripping hazard. The slate walkway and patio are great features on this house, but they're both in need of serious repair. When a city dweller decamps to the country and tackles the renovation of a 19th-century schoolhouse, there are more than a few lessons to be learned. Tamp down the 2" of sand as well. Clay pavers usually don't need sealing unless they regularly come in contact with grease and oil, such as … Pavers … Framing With Pavers Pavers will slide off the sidewalk or crumble around the edges from moisture unless you first lay a soldier course to frame in the walkway. Brick set … To cut the bricks, rent a hand-held saw. As a safety precaution, I always like to add 5 percent.). Compact the screeded stone dust with the tamper. Sprinkle stone dust on top of the patch and work it in between the gaps of all the pavers with the push brush. All rights reserved. Don't miss your favorite shows in real time online. If there’s any men reading this – zero demo work to put these pavers over our existing sidewalk. Concrete Sidewalk Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: 4+ inch thick, fibermesh reinforced 3500 PSI concrete. Create easy — and attractive — hillside access with a snazzy set of steps made from redwood, ledge stone and crushed rock. Broom finish. Before we started actually laying our pavers and making cuts, we did a dry run to figure out … Install some plastic edging on both sides of the walkway to ensure the bricks stay in place. Mark the area. Basic labor to install pavers with favorable site conditions. Use a level to ensure the bricks line up and the walkway stays flat. Using the pipes as rails, drag a board the length of the area. The rest of the tools used for the installation, including the level, mallet, and plastic edging, can all be found at home centers. You love to DIY. Here are 10 different types of Christmas tree species with tips to help you decide which one is the best for you. Along the house we kept the old concrete in place (this is a contractor's trick to save some time and hassle). The concrete is used to reinforce the borders, which is often referred to in the paver world as a concrete bond beam. Just rent a jackhammer, put on some good work gloves and safety goggles and let the jackhammer do all the work. The bricks will move over time if the gravel isn't firmly in position. And don’t worry when you see the gaps: remember, you’ll be coming back with sand later to fill in those cracks. Screed the stone dust level with a scrap piece of lumber. Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough replaces a concrete walkway with brick pavers. At the 2020 Farmhouse in Fairfield County, builder Jerry Effren desired the look of a traditional New England barn that has been modernized over time, along with a contemporary farmhouse. Tamp down the 2" of sand as well. A whole paver patio only runs an average of $1,500 nationally, about half the cost of concrete. A consumer or contractor may ask: can laying pavers over concrete be a good idea? Let's get together. These brick pavers that we found are only 1 3/8 thick. If you want pavers installed over 120 … Project: Installing a walkway of pavers and pebbles Why: To create a welcoming front walkway, connect garden areas or provide an invitation to explore It’s a good project for you if: Pathways of pavers and … Mark the brick with a pencil, and take your time cutting (Image 2). The string will keep the outside edge straight as you place the bricks. Mark prefers to wait for a rainstorm to more naturally wash in the stone dust joints. After removing the dirt and adding the stone, tamp it all into place, making sure it’s level. Pour a layer of stone dust on top of the gravel and spread that with the rake as well. Using the pipes as rails, drag a board the length of the area. The pavers look great and have a sturdy base. Find pavers & stepping stones at Lowe's today. lay out conduit poles. Spread out about 2" of sand over the walk area, then place two 1" pipes on either side of the paving area. Next, add about 4" of gravel (Image 2) and on top of that put down about 2" of sand. To make the screed process easier, here’s a trick: take the lumber and notch out on each end the thickness of one of the bricks. dry run.