What We Do; Website Development; Internet Consulting; Add Search on your site; Link 2 Us; Guides. To make Pounded Yam, all you need is Puna yam and water. Pounded Yam can be prepared by stirring yam flour in hot water but those who have eaten the one made from scratch with raw yams will tell you that the yam powder method does not do the pounded yam good justice. Jobs & Employment; Travel & Tourism; Fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG; Tobacco; import/export; More.. Services. A VIDEO ON HOW TO PROCESS YAM FLOUR (ELUBO), 18 MEDICINAL PLANTS FOR TREATING DIABETES, 20 ICONIC BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL AND HOW TO PRODUCE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, 12 POWERFUL HERBS FOR TREATING SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION (IMPOTENCE). UK's No.1 African Caribbean Online Supermarket! Seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? 2. It can be served with any soup of your choice and it’s available in 450g, 0.9kg, 1.8kg, 4.5kg pack sizes. A VIDEO ON HOW TO PROCESS POUNDO YAM FLOUR. It is made from yam flour and a good substitute to pounded yam which is made using fresh yam. But fresh yams only have about 1% of calories from fat, and the flour would be different if that much fat had been added. Nigeria poundo yam flour - find detail yam, candied yams from success mutual fund investment ltd Yam flour is gluten-free and it is used in food preparations. 2 mins). The HQYF (High‐quality yam flour) can be easily stored for a longer period (12–18 months) if the flour has low moisture. Have you ever considered making your own poundo yam flour? It has the taste and aroma of pounded yam freshly prepared without the stress of pounding. Contact us. But let me clarify this upfront that yam flour (elubo) and poundo yam flour are both processed from yam, which belongs to the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae). This avoids absorption of moisture of the flour from the environment. The nutrition of the people of developing countries is a major public health issue which has challenged breeders to enhance the nutritional quality of preferred and staple crops such as yam. Check out. About Nigeria; Doing Business in Nigeria; FAQ's; Map of Nigeria ; Contact Us; Showing Results 1 - 2 of 2 Browse By Location … This is owing to the fact that you are rest assured of what is going into your mouth. Yam also contains some traces of protein, fat, sugar, sodium. The device gets the yam cooked. but with the pounded yam flour many can’t help but to enjoy themselves. It is a monocotyledon that is originally from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean before spreading to other parts of the world. Cut the yam pieces into smaller pieces and wash under running water thoroughly. There are edible and non-edible yams and while the edible ones are for consumption purposes, the non-edible ones are used mainly for medicinal purposes. Nutrition. Call us now: 01509 390174 [email protected] . Your email address will not be published. Enjoy its subtle natural flavour, smooth velvety texture and rich taste. The other way is even easier and popular especially outside Africa. Packaging: Package pounded yam instant flour in different sizes (1kg, 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg) seal and label Packaged pounded yam instant flour (poundo Yam) can be sold to individuals, supermarkets, schools, Restaurants, hotels, and caterers. Yam flour can be paired with other types of flours and then used for baking cookies, biscuits etc. Method for Preparing Your Own Poundo Yam Cut the tuber of yam into pieces and peel the skin. It is odorless, crystal white, and free from foreign or extraneous material. Poundo yam is a Nigerian staple side dish to dozens of soups or other meals. I'm Blessing and I'm glad to meet you. Hot water is first poured into a pot, or cold water is allowed to boil in a pot. Yam (Dioscorea) is a starchy, annual, herbaceous, climbing vine with tuberous roots. Total. Then a sizeable quantity of yam flour is stirred into the boiled water until a soft dough is formed. As you stir, a glutinous mass in the shape of dough will form. It is a cherished delicacy when served in the form of “Samolina” or “Samovita”, with well-prepared soup. IT IS GREAT TO MEET YOU.. Grid; List; There are 2 products. Olu Olu® Yam Flour is produced from organic (non-GMO) yam tubers, which have been grown across the planes of Nigeria. It can be served with any soup of your choice … Yam flour is gluten-free and it is used in food preparations. All Rights Reserved. Peel the yam and cut it into small cubes. Once cooked, it switches into a blending mode and crushes the yam, then mashes it into a smooth dough. Basically, poundo yam fufu is made with only yam flour and hot water. You see, when I was much younger, I used to think that pounding yam was quite difficult. Poundo (Pounded yam flour) 1 cup: Water: 1.5 cups: There’s a story about me that is popular folklore in our house till today. Buy Ayoola Foods Poundo Yam Flour online at the best affordable price. This results in sun-ripened, nutrient rich Yams that are milled into fine flour. of these health benefits are: 1. Pour into a cooking pot and add enough salt to taste if you do not mind and water to cover up the yam. The yams are peeled, washed and cut into pieces. Being an annual crop, yam can be harvested and stored for usage throughout the year. We pledge to keep your email safe. Serving Information: 1. Banku Flour; Bean Flour – 2 LLB; Cabbage Fufu; Golden Penny Semovita; Ijebu/White Garri; Plantain flour; Poundo Potatoes; Poundo Yam; Tuwo Shinkafa; Wheat flour; Yam; Yam flour (Amala) Yellow Garri; Nippy Meals. It could find wide applications in the baking and confectionery industries. © 2020 Global Food Book. Dried Mango Seeds; Dried Melon Seeds; kitchen; Contact us; Facebook; YouTube; African Food. It has the taste and aroma of pounded yam freshly prepared without the stress of pounding. Product successfully added to your shopping cart . It seems like real yam, because I'm allergic to potatoes and a lot of other things, so I'd know if it had potato flour in it. African Herbs. Yam Flour, Yam Starch, Potato Flour, Rice Flour and Potato Starch. Cart 0 Product Products 0. Starting from: £2.49 This is our Signature Flour Blend of Instant Pounded Yam flour specially formulated with organic and all natural flours and starch; primarily used to make a traditional Nigerian meal called Pounded Yam. However, the traditional method of preparing this pounded yam has made it stress for many. Our Iyan is a popular Nigerian mixed flour. It is a similar to mashed potatoes except that pounded yam is smoother, heavier and tastier. Yam Milling Machine, Yam Powder Machine, Yam Production Line manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Automatic Yam Flour Processing Machine Poundo Yam Flour Line for Nigeria, Combined Rice Mill Machine Rice Processing Machine Rice Powder Mill, Automatic Rice Mill Plant Rice Husk Milling Machine Paddy Separator and so on. Quantity. Milling: For getting high quality yam flour, the dry big particle casava flour will be mill again by fine flour mill . This project therefore aimed at evaluating the effect of Our Products. A wide variety of poundo yam options are available to you, Bring 1½ cups (450ml) of water to boil in saucepan. Don’t get me wrong, it actually is, and requires some technique. To prepare pounded yam from scratch, you simply cook white yam and pound the yam pieces with a mortar and pestle when done. The 0.9kg pack conveniently feeds five (5) adults. Special offers and product promotions. However, the method of processing each of them distinguishes one from the other. About 0% of these are Flour Mill, 0% are Other Food Processing Machinery. Pounded yam flour is used to make smooth dough called pounded yam. Privacy Policy: We dislike SPAM E-Mail. But, our Poundo Iyan is an alternative to the real pounded yam. The Invention of yam flour was a way to help making pounded yam easier. It is a fine grinded flour of yam that can be easily cooked and turns into pounded yam. Subscribe to Global Food Book's email updates and get a FREE eBook on benefits of organic food. Quick view; Olu Olu Pounded Yam. Showing 1-2 of 2 item(s) Contact info. This is an extraordinary product made from selected yam tubers. By processing your own poundo yam flour, you will no longer be worried about the presence of certain preservatives or additives in the poundo you eat. Read more. To be determined Shipping . The product is made from carefully selected yam tubers, has the taste and aroma of freshly prepared pounded yam, and best of all, is ready in as little as five minutes. Then you boil those pieces in a pot until their done. yam flour drying machine. The fufu is then simmered for few more minutes before being served with either soup, stew or sauce. Boil until the Yam becomes fork-tender. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. This method required boiling some water, then pour in the the yam flour and mix it thickens and cooks thoroughly. Hot water is first poured into a pot, or cold water is allowed to boil in a pot. Ayoola poundo yam flour is a made in Nigeria product. Ayoola Poundo Yam Flour - 0.9kg quantity. Lower the heat and with a wooden spatula stir 1 cup (240g) of flour into the boiling water and knead till lump-free dough is achieved (approx. Rinse about once or twice till you get a clear water. With introduction of Ayoola Poundo yam in Nigeria market, the company receives numerous positive comments and letter of admiration from working mothers with words of gratitude for making food preparation really enjoyable. Yam flour is gluten-free and it is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Packaging : Pack desired quantities of yam flour in polythene bags, seal or stitch as appropriate. Then a sizeable quantity of yam flour is stirred into the boiled water until a soft dough is formed. Our Poundo Yam quickly became a star product within the Ayoola Foods product portfolio for Africans. Yam flour is used in the preparation of poundo yam. outside the context of personal choice and demand for pounded yam, there are several health benefits of yam that has been revealed and has in turned increase the demand for yam. Next, you have to pound the yam with a mortar and pestle until it’s turned into dough. It claims there are 50 calories from fat in a 470-calorie serving. Pounded yam instant flour (poundo yam) can also be exported to other countries. Do you avoid eating poundo because of the various preservatives and additives, which you may be allergic to? 3. To cut the long questions short, you can actually process your poundo yam flour from the comfort of your kitchen. This is an extraordinary product made from selected yam tubers. It is also available in 9.1kg bags. Yam has over six hundred species dispersed all over the world especially in the tropical and subtropical regions, however, only a few species are considered edible. Join me on this journey to discover, share and grow knowledge on recipes for life from around the globe. Pounded Yam. Required fields are marked *. Ayoola Poundo Yam Flour comes with an easy to follow set of preparation instructions. Wholesale Trade Line: +44 (0) 1 21 359 2779 | Option 3. Includes Pounded Yam Flour used for making 'Iyan' And Yam Flour used for making 'Amala'. Alibaba.com offers 778 poundo yam products. Next. The yam is first peeled and cut into small chunks, then placed in a yam pounder. It is eaten with various … contact; sitemap; Sign in . To recreate this poundo yam recipe, you will need: Yam flour – 1 cup; Water – 2 1/2 – 3 cups; The quality of your yam flour has a huge effect on the success of your dish. Yam flour – Nigerian Amala/Elubo flour 2lbs bag (Dioscorea rotundata) gluten-free, grain free, non-gmo, nut-free, 100% natural, naturally grown, vegan, Kosher. What is Poundo Yam made of? HI THERE.. $14.99. High‐quality yam flour is a novel product of yam which is produced from wholesome fresh tubers. It is popularly eaten in all parts of Nigeria and West Africa. No products. Basically, poundo yam fufu is made with only yam flour and hot water. Sort by: Relevance Relevance Name, A to Z Name, Z to A Price, low to high Price, high to low Showing 1-2 of 2 item(s) Active filters. yusol, ola ola poundo yam flour; Other Categories. It is popularly eaten in all parts of Nigeria and West Africa. To prepare pounded yam, you start by slicing white yam into bits. Note that irrespective of the method of drying, the yam chips must be properly dried. Your email address will not be published. Pounded yam is a special delicacy and very popular food in West Africa. £ 0.00 Total. African Drinks. The nutrition facts label has a mistake on it. It is also noteworthy that. It’s obvious that the powdered version is simply not the same with the fresh pounded yam, but it is pretty darn close! There is high demand for Instant Pounded Yam Flour in both domestic and international African Spices. The method of processing yam flour shown in this post is pretty easy yet the benefits are simply immeasureable. The succulent yam pulps are then left to dry naturally in the sun, so the natural flavours and nutrients are retained. Just like the traditional way Amala is made, this method of making yam flour requires some elbow grease and runs the risk if getting lumpy if not done properly. You don’t need to pound – just stir in hot water, and allow to cook for some minutes and you are done. Quick view; Pride Of Africa Poundo Iyan. PEPPER SOUP SPICES DRIED MELON SEEDS (Egusi) NIGERIAN POUNDO YAM BEANS FLOUR YAM FLOUR (Elubo Isu) Suya (Barbeque) Spices DRIED MANGO SEEDS (Ogbono) GARI IJEBU (Cassava Flakes) Every day … It is popularly eaten in all parts of Nigeria and West Africa. Add to cart. 4. 4.4 out of 5 stars 14. Yam Flour; Poundo Yam; Garri Ijebu; Seeds. Our Poundo Iyan is very smooth and tasty. Ayoola Poundo Yam is an easy to make pounded yam that takes away the noise from using mortar and pestle, mess and the utilization of energy from pounding yams in a mortar and replaces it with the quiet ease of mixing the poundo yam flour … It can be eaten with Edikang Ikong, Egusi, Ogbono, Efo Riro vegetable soups, just to name a few… Do not hesitate to drop a bag in yur shopping trolley. The pounded yam flour ingredients should only include yam, potato, and rice flour, as well as yam and potato starch. Cooking is a passion I developed at a very tender age from my mum and this online platform is where I aim to share and grow knowledge in all things cooking. Pounded Yam; Yam Flour OK Pounded Yam.