Week days 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Otter Creek is one of the four tributaries to the Waccassasa, along with Magee Branch, Wekiva River and Cow Creek. Large parking lot and a nice ramp leading down to the river. Difficulty: Easy to Difficult. Evening hours are possible by appointment. I would definitely … We paddled 1.5 miles up Otter Creek and turned around, headed back to the launch. Read the Guide. Nice views and a wide river. Any form of copyright infringement or theft of content from floridapaddlenotes.com is subject to DMCA takedown notice and or legal action. Width and Depth: At the launch the river is about 100′ wide and the width of Otter Creek at the Waccasassa was around 70′. There are a lot of houses at the start of the trip and start to thin out as we paddle upstream. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. To keep going we most likely would have gotten only a half mile further due to the creek narrowing and it being low tide. VISIT Otter Creek Smallcraft. Read verified and trustworthy customer reviews for Otter Creek Paddle Works or write your own review. The creek source is in the area of the town Otter Creek near Hwy 24 and Hwy 19. Otter Tail Paddle For use in the stern, or especially solo paddling, the Otter tail is preferred. Checking the depth on the creek at low tide, was from 1′ – 3.5′ deep. Blue Water Trails Developed as part of an on-going Kentucky Afield series, the Blue Water Trails articles detail paddling trips on streams and rivers across Kentucky.They include printable maps, locations of … 853 likes. Otter Creek Paddle Works – Store in Tweed, ON – 99 James Street North, Tweed, Ontario. Drift down a beautiful section of the Otter Creek as it winds past scenic farms or paddle the picturesque coast of New England's largest water body, Lake Champlain. As snow fell over the village of Middlebury on a Thursday morning in mid-February, Cortland Fischer, 22, sat poised in his kayak in a small eddy on the Otter Creek, tucked against the … Week days 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. Otter Creek Smallcraft. The current may be too strong for beginners, especially heading back on the Waccasassa, where we paddled into a strong wind, 15-20 mph. Keep up with new paddles here to receive an email notification when a new adventure is posted…sign me up! Otter Creek ranged in width from 80′ down to 40′ for this particular paddle. Home to an abundance of wildlife, join your guides on this 2 hour round trip (including driving time to and from destination), for a morning out in … We found shade under the large trees that are growing along the banks. Required fields are marked *. It was a cool morning in the upper 60°s but by launch time, just after 11 am, it was beginning to warm under mostly cloudy skies. ‍ 267-614-3815 Call us any time ‍ "Put pests up a creek without a paddle!" Otter Creek ranged in width from 80′ down to 40′ for this particular paddle. At points it was a sharp vertical drop from land to water and at other points it was a gradual slope of exposed mud. This area took a beating from several hurricanes over the past two years. The Waccasassa is affected by the tides from the Gulf of Mexico and we launched at low tide. Along the banks, a solid growth of Sawgrass accented the Red Cedar, Sea Myrtle, False Willow, not yet dead Cypress and Sabal Palmettos. If you would like to use any of the images, you must have written permission or pay a licensing fee before doing so. Boat launch is located right above the falls on the right side of Rte 7 going north. It flexes during the stroke, not so much as to be inefficient, but enough to reduce the strain on muscles and … The shoreline was exposed and muddy. Evening hours are possible by appointment. Access three ATV trails, including the Paiute Trail System, directly from the park. This Florida Paddle Notes category, Otter Creek, is one of several creeks and runs listed in this category and explored by Florida Paddle Notes. Ahnapee River Big Eau Pleine River Big Rib River Big Roche-a-Cri Creek … MH: Otter Creek is another rich area. The Waccasassa is one of the most undeveloped rivers in Florida, with Otter Creek one of the principal tributaries to the river. Otter Creek is an approximately 11-mile long creek, located in Levy County, 3 miles West of Gulf Hammock. Otter Creek is an obscure driftless stream located about 5 miles west of Governor Dodge State Park. Rest Areas: There are no rest facilities during this paddle. Paddling East Central Wisconsin. Saturdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Reservations Otter be Here is Open from May 24th weekend to the end of Labour Day Weekend or longer if … Otter Creek, Independence River, and Deer River are the three largest tributaries. We paddled … This paddle has proven to be durable, efficient, and reliable over two full seasons of paddling 100+ days per year. FPTA is committed to developing paddling trails, protecting the environment along those trails, and serving as a resource and voice for paddlers. We encountered strong winds on our way back…even had some periods of strong wind on Otter Creek. The water was cloudy and saw a few fish here and there. Along the banks, a solid growth of Sawgrass accented the Red Cedar, Sea Myrtle, False Willow, not yet dead Cypress and Sabal Palmettos.