Understanding how language works means reaching across many branches of psychology—everything from basic neurological functioning to high-level cognitive processing. Linguistic diversity is a way to talk about varied types of traits including language family, grammar, and vocabulary. Directly translated, psycholinguistics means 'language psychology.' Psycholinguistics is a study that combines the fields of linguistics and psychology. Did You Know? Psycholinguistics or psychology of language is the study of the interrelation between linguistic factors and psychological aspects. Learn more. Psychology Definition of LINGUISTIC APPROACH: a teaching method which assume children in the class who participate have a strong grasp of their mother tongue (oral language… Linguistics definition is - the study of human speech including the units, nature, structure, and modification of language. If you would like to seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional you can search Psychology Today's directory here. translation and definition "linguistic psychology", Dictionary English-English online. Intercultural communication plays a role in social sciences such as anthropology, cultural studies, linguistics, psychology and communication studies. Psycholinguistics is the study of the mental aspects of language and speech and a branch of both linguistics and psychology. Some of the closest connections are with Philosophy, Literature, Language Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Physics (acoustics), Biology (anatomy, neuroscience), Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Health Sciences (Aphasia, Speech Therapy). Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and many topics are studied under this umbrella. Language is the ability to produce and comprehend both spoken and written (and in the case of sign language, signed) words. linguistic psychology. What is Linguistics? Example sentences with "linguistic psychology", translation memory. This concept makes an assumption that language both reflects and limits human mentality and its ability to make cross-cultural connections. Linguistic Determinism. Linguistic Determinism is a concept taken from the narrow field of analytic philosophy and postulates that human language limits and determines human thought patterns and knowledge. advertisement. WikiMatrix. Psychology Definition of LANGUAGE: Any comparable non-verbal means of communication such as sign or the languages used in the computer programming, the communicative system used by a The discipline is mainly concerned with the mechanisms by which language is processed and represented in the mind and brain; that is, the psychological and neurobiological factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend, and produce language.