Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking - Stainless steel. The appliance is ideal for family and has a sleek design. My GE microwave, has been running fine, but the door handle has cracked on the bottom. This GE JVM3162RJSS Microwave has great convenient features that allow you to prepare hot food without disturbing the quality. With its simple two-speed controls and 300 CFM air flow, the GE can suit nearly any kitchen without bothering you with complex controls. We built a new home in 8/19. He arrived and replaced the door. The rep said this is the timeframe they "quote" for a callback but she didn't know when anyone would actually call. Unfortunately GE is the only company that makes a microwave in the same colour as our range. Should choose a bit higher, too. GE JVM7195SKSS Microwave comes with a one year limited warranty. $619.00. With 1.9 cu. Follow the steps below to reset a GE Over the Range Microwave-. GE provides the full range of countertop, over the range and built-in microwaves. The freight company was not authorized to change the address in the system, so another call to GE. Sensor cooking of this GE built-in microwave automatically sets the optimal time and power level. A microwave's typical lifetime is 9 to 10 years. Please include me in the class action lawsuit. Unsubscribe at any time. It is better to use your tape and measure! The additional features of this GE microwave also impress us, primarily because the options are extraordinary and can suit any kitchen. We value your privacy. That's another thing - the vent fan is is marginal at best. But one of … Model #JVM7195SK3SS. Unsubscribe easily. Its key feature is the “speed cook” … Hence giving you more control over your meal preparation. Glass turntable option of this GE microwave rotates food for even heating. Sometimes at higher wattage microwaves can burn food if you’re not prepared. These appliances cook your food while leaving your counter space free and keeping your kitchen well ventilated. I wish this oven came with a ribbed metal cooking tray like the 240 oven. Do You Own This Product? We purchased our Adora over-the-stove microwave oven from Home Depot. GE Profile 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave Oven with 1.7 cu. I was told by Assurant Insurance Company that it was no longer covered by the 1 year insurance policy, and if I purchased a new policy for $241.00, they would repair it or replace it. I have had 8 handles break off in the last few years including the one in my house with me pulling the door open. The GE microwave that was installed in our new home (2018) stopped working in June 2020, after the nuclear reactor “blew up”. The entire call took 57 minutes. Our Profile over-the-range microwave failed after 2 years. It is easy for you to wipe away after steam loosens food grime. There are only 2 of us living at home. Finally, this GE JVM3162RJSS microwave over the range has 10 power levels which offer cooking flexibility. Weight and time defrost of GE over the range microwave model let you simply enter the weight of the food. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Control buttons of this latest GE over the range microwave are placed vertically. Which could have been a dangerous situation. Whirlpool WMH31017AS Microwave. The power saver mode of this GE over the range microwave reduces power consumption when your microwave is not in use. Hence you can program the light or vent fan to turn on with Over the range burners. This is more than the cost of a new OTR microwave. The 400-CFM venting fan system of JVM7195SKSS GE microwave quickly removes steam, odours and smoke from the cooktop to maintain your kitchen air fresh and clean. They are resulting in a sleek look that is easy to clean. The USDA MyPlate menu that comes with this GE microwave over the range offers healthy pre-programmed food options. Their service department and Customer Relations department is disorganized and incompetent. Our online tools are here 24 hours a day to help you arrange the service you need. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. I was only able to schedule an appointment through an automated system. GE Profile 1.7 cu. The venting system of this GE microwave JCM3160rfss  removes steam and smoke clearly and hence works great. GE has about the most diverse wall oven options in the industry. It lasted with moderate use until 2017 at which point, it almost burned our house down due to malfunctions of internal parts. ft. Convection Over-the-Range Microwave - White The microwave convection has 4-speed, 400 CFM motor class which matches… Schedule Service. GE microwave over the range has cooktop lighting which provides illumination with 2 brightness settings, including a night-light option. The GE microwave Over the range ovens can easily fit in many oven arrangements without worrying about its compatibility. Reviews Q&A Owner Support Manuals & Downloads. Some of the main features that we look at an over the range microwave, before buying are listed below. He arrived and stated that the door of the microwave was causing it not to work and he ordered a new door. We are now at three weeks without our microwave being fixed and I have spent HOURS on hold trying to get to a resolution. The additional features of this GE Spacemaker also impress us. Many models include a removable oven rack to lift the food off the bottom of the microwave to allow for more even heating. I will NEVER buy another GE appliance. The controls on the microwave are made user friendly, hence it makes them easy to operate. Ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven. Enhance your kitchen with this JVM7195EFES  over the range microwave from GE. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Purchased a newly built home in September 2018 with new GE Appliances installed. Reheating, defrosting, cooking and preparing all kinds of food in this Over the range microwave is just a simple task. GE PVM9005SJSS also make the turntable switches off when you need to heat up you bulky and large dishes. Turntable on/off of this GE microwave is ideal for even cooking results or sometimes used to accommodate oversized dishes that may not fully rotate. How to remove GE Over the Range Microwave? In every case the oven was approximately 50 degrees lower than the setting. They need to do a better job with the door handle. Over-the-range microwave ovens are a good choice if you have limited counter space and/or prefer a built-in appliance that matches the rest of ... expert product reviews, ... GE Profile PVM9005SJSS. Firstly, they are suitable for any kitchen and can easily fit in many oven arrangements without bothering about compatibility. Convenience Cooking Controls of this GE JVM3162RJSS has made Operating quick and easy. I would recommend this product to family and friends. This best Over the range microwave also provide room to heat up large family meals. Built-in sensors of GE JVM7195EFES monitor the moisture level in your food and automatically adjust time and power to give you perfect cooking results. However, both provide the same ability to reheat, cook, defrost, pop and melt. After they discovered it was not repairable, they denied the ”replace it” part and reimbursed the money for the policy. Because these microwave ovens tend to be spacious and often need more cooking compartment size for more ambitious platters and projects. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Replacement plastic handles - just two pieces of injection molded plastic - selling from other companies for as little as $10 are $130.00. Quick-function buttons are featured on several GE models including "Add 30 Seconds," "Child Lock," and "Auto Defrost.". This microwave is a piece of junk. Ft. Convection Over-the-Range Microwave Oven. GE PVM9005SJSS. No question of replacing the wire; we would have to order a new door, for nearly $400 plus $200 for installation, which requires 2 service technicians. The cubic foot capacity of this GE over the range microwaves is perfect for every family. Many control features: It has a feature of Defrosting times and power levels are programmed automatically or manually for optimal results. ft. Over the Range Speed Cook Convection Microwave in Stainless Steel Over the Range Speed Cook Convection Microwave in Stainless Steel $ 1,438 00 Ft. Built-In Microwave Oven model #ZEB1227SLSS. That evening, we noticed that the internal light would not shut off when we closed the microwave door. However, the sensor buttons which offer input on how long to cook foods are good enough too. 9 Space-saving Small Size Microwave Ovens – Compact in Size but Powerful in performance! I have never actually spoken to this person even though I was advised numerous times that she would be calling me. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE Profile PVM9215SKSS microwave oven. Literally. The Adora brand is made exclusively for Home Depot and were sold on its special functions and value. Removable oven rack: This GE Over the range microwave has a Sensor cooking that can automatically set the optimal time and power level. Moreover, it doesn’t really seem to have any. Remove the microwave from the mounting plate swiftly. I took a half day off of work waiting on a repair technician. GE manufactures a top-range line of combination microwave and full-sized convection ovens. No one tests microwave ovens like we do. Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens. Auto and time defrost settings of GE JVM3160DFBB allow you to program the defrost times and power levels manually or automatically for precise results. The microwave has electronic touch display which helps to give all the details and leads to convenient cooking. On 10/23/20, I received a phone call from the freight company that the microwave was being delivered the following day, but they had the wrong address! GE has more than 100 years in the industry and provides a wide range of home appliances. The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. The average size for an over the range microwave is 1.5 to 1.7 cubic feet, which is plenty of cooking space to fit a dinner plate. It is not the case that whether you have a tiny kitchen in a studio apartment or a gourmet kitchen in an expansive home, there may not be enough space on the counter for your kitchen appliances. Me: "Your website says it's included, and is in a section with other features that are in fact included but not additional fees"; GE: "We have confirmed that the trim kit costs extra". Exhaust Max CFM 300. One comes with a hood for an exhaust fan, and they may not have room for a range microwave. This experience has been beyond what is reasonable for a customer to experience. Overall, the JVM3160RFSS is well-built, durable and simple over the range microwave oven. FT. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! This one is not. It has a 14.25" turntable and large 1.8 cu. But you get the picture. During our relatively brief testing period of 1 week, the GE PVM9179SFSS performed pretty well, even though there are certainly areas that can be improved.Large Interior and TurntableWith a spacious interior capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and a large glass turntable measuring 13.5″, you can put pretty much any food into the convecti… As mentioned in GE PVM9005SJSS Review, this Microwave has an electronic touch control pads and an integrated handle which is placed at the bottom of the microwave. You can also win money back by writing a review of your appliance. Get free shipping on qualified GE Over-the-Range Microwaves or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today ... GE Profile 2.1 cu. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. While others are designed totally for permanent installation. Three Speed 400 CFM Venting System of this GE microwave oven removes smoke, steam and odors. The controls on the microwave are made user friendly, hence it makes them easy to operate. I called GE back and was given another repair appointment, again taking a half day off of work, I waited for the technician. The additional features of this GE Spacemaker also impress us. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. The microwave comes with a feature to auto and defrost automatically or manually for the best results. The microwave comes in 3 color option, white, black and grey. The replacement microwave was delivered damaged, in October 2020. 2.0 out of 5 stars Flawed convection but excellent microwave oven. Stainless Steel over-the-range Microwave – … After many calls and waiting hours on hold, service came out and said it was “not repairable“. There is a clear design defect here and the company's solution to it is to charge $130 for the plastic replacement part. The slick stainless steel surface and the simple grey-black colour of this gE JCM3160rfss microwave is a guarantee that this won’t hurt your kitchen’s overall appearance. Days later, repairman breaks door trying to get food out. You usually don’t have much choice when it comes to the space of the microwave over the range. GE incorporates the latest technology in its smart microwaves, using Alexa for voice activation and control. Either way, we will never buy GE appliances again. The microwave has 2 fan speed which helps to maintain ventilation. The low price makes it a worthy investment and it’s an all-round bargain. Chef Connect option of this PVM9005SJSS GE allows you to conveniently sync the microwave’s clock, vent and surface light with some selected GE microwaves. Thanks for visiting us. For $289.99, we expect all presets … The GE PVM9179SFSS stainless steel convection microwave is a perfect match for a range, and one of the best over-the-range microwaves we've tested. GE microwaves make everyday cooking and cleanup simple, and our over-the-range microwaves are no exception. Else you can set your desired time for defrosting. GE Spacemaker eases cooking more than most of the microwaves that are available on the market. The repairman ($100) said repeated twisting of the wire from the oven to the door (which contains all the electronics) is inevitable with opening and closing. How long should a GE Over the Range Microwave last? This best GE microwave comes with Auto and Time Defrost in which the defrosting times and power levels are programmed automatically or manually to give you optimal results. The Turntable On/Off features of this GE over the range microwave controls turntable operation. We value your privacy. But I cannot understand their reluctance to acknowledge this error on their site. ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven in Black has 1000-Watt of power. Choose various cooking technologies, features, and sleek, modern appearances for your next microwave. This is outrageous. Hope the above provided GE microwave reviews are useful for you. it was a previous address. You can get everything you want from GE Over the range microwave, and no feature does more than what it needs to. With its classy stainless steel lines, large buttons, and easy-open handle, the GE scores an extra high on the usability scale. Your GE JVM7195SKSS microwave comes with 1.9 cu. The GE Microwave Over the range is an all type oven. This review is from GE - Profile™ Series 1.7 cu. The appliance is ideal for family. Then the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level, or you can set your desired time for defrosting. The rep did say she would send $70 for us to buy a small microwave while waiting. They have scheduled the appointments. Much to our dismay, the builder only offered GE appliances. While evaluating the best over the range microwaves, our team have taken into consideration their overall functionality, ease of installation, performance and also size. I will never buy another one. (Warranty was for one year!) Also, by the way, when we turn on the fan to highest, it sounds like an express train hurtling through our kitchen. Buy on … After many hours on the phone and several repair visits, GE agreed to replace it. The Over range Microwave Oven ranges are available in two flavours. We had a bad experience with a GE appliance in the past so we went with the most expensive offered, the Profile series. Parts were ordered and new date was set for one week later. GE agreed to sell me a new microwave at a discounted price, which I agreed to. The microwave comes with nonstick interiors which makes it easy to clean. It hSensor cooking controls – automatically adjusts time and power for delicious cooking results. ... GE Profile 2.1 cu. Nine months into our new home, the microwave push button to open the door broke (with food stuck inside). The two speed 300-CFM venting fan system of this GE microwave quickly removes smoke, steam and odours from the cooktop to keep your kitchen air clean and fresh. Does GE Over the Range Microwave have an interior light? Over-the-range microwaves are all pretty similar to one another—and they’re not notably better than good countertop models. Again, appointment canceled and part was ordered from third party. Our dog had a heart attack and died the first day we operated it. A link has directed you to this review. Two hours after he left, the microwave stopped working. When a pot is boiling on the cook top, moisture fogs up between the two glass panes in the door - even with the vent is running. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 826 reviews. The microwave comes with recessed turntable which helps to control. Top Rated Microwave Drawers of 2020 – Not only saves space but also looks stylish! ... Convection Oven . We had a GE microwave/convection oven in a vacation condo. One must choose an over the range microwave that has minimum 1.6 cubic feet or larger. GE  JVM3162RJSS also comes with specialized features like the Add 30 Seconds button. It heats the food so much faster my old one. (Warranty was for one year!) This is a strong point in its favor, as you are likely to find a good GE wall oven model that matches your budget. The customer service I received has been bad to say the least and the product even worse. Get performance ratings and pricing on the GE Profile PVM9179SKSS microwave oven. I'm very happy so far and would definitely recommend this The watt rating of this GE Oven is average, but enough to cook pretty much any food with no heating surprises. We vent to the outside with a mere five foot pipe run. Turntable on/off of GE 1.7 cu.ft microwave is ideal for even cooking results or can accommodate oversized dishes that may not fully rotate. Get free shipping on qualified GE GE Profile Microwaves or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Appliances department. GE Profile™ 2.1 Cu. This Microwave over the range comes with limited one year warranty. They have a range of products which include refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, washers, and even home electronics. GE JVM7195EFES also has a Steam Cook Button which gives you a variety of food selections. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. GE JVM7195SKSS has easy clean with steam and hence you clean messes inside the microwave. The stainless steel with gray accent colors match my other appliances and looks great in the kitchen. Unsubscribe easily. Give stylish look to your kitchen by adding one of these Best Built-in Microwave Ovens, 9 Perfect Over the Range Microwave Ovens that fits any of your Counter Space. New appointment was set for an additional week. Original review: Aug. 25, 2020. FAQ. Unlike other appliance they always have customer service helping to see and figure out what might be wrong to the appliance. This particular over the range microwave weighs 86 pounds with dimensions of 33.4 x 20.1 by 19 inches, a stylish handle, a stainless steel interior and an interior light to make the food inside visible while being cooked. Our Profile over-the-range microwave failed after 2 years. The microwave comes with turntable control option. ft. with Sensor Cooking. 1000W of power and ten power levels that come with this JVM3160DFBB microwave ensures optimal cooking performance. 1050-watts of GE Over the range microwave provides the power to heat everything from hot chocolate to casseroles. $130.00! Well now, 3 years later, this "exclusive" model's glass fogs up when we use it. Using Microwave and convection for cooking pizza makes for a better crust. Stay in touch with us to get the latest and updated information on all Over the range microwaves…. But this simple kitchen appliance can free up tons of space that you can use for a spice rack, an ice cream maker, – or even for food preparation. It may be a pain for someone and somewhat expensive to install the microwave over the range. GE Profile™ 1.7 Cu. The wire often breaks within its insulation: a bad design fault. We have, in fact, purchased the oven and are awaiting its installation, and I have other experience with GE Monogram appliances so I expect this to operate well. This microwave has convenient… I purchased the GE microwave convention oven and found that when using the convection oven, the temperature never reached the indicated temperature. Finally, the food cooked in the JVM3160RFSS looks good and tastes great. The GE site: https://appliances.monogram.com/us/specs/ZEB1227SLSS indicates in two places that the built-in trim kit is included (and one place where it is listed as additional), yet GE has confirmed that in fact, the trim kit is an optional add-on with a $325 additional cost. Electronic controls with graphic display make this GE microwave oven is very easy to use. When buying new appliances in the future, we will ask who services their warranty! How to install a GE Over the Range Microwave? The cooking sensor is very accurate, and all food comes out of the oven reheated or evenly cooked without cold or hot spots. Day before that appointment, I got a call canceling my appointment due to the part being on backorder. This GE Over the Range Sensor Microwave Oven has 1000-Watt of power. Cooktop lighting of GE JVM7195SKSS microwave provides illumination above the range with two brightness settings, which also includes a night-light option. The microwave is a staple in most kitchens, and GE covers the complete range, from built-ins and countertop models to over-the-range designs with vents. The microwave controls turntable operations. Sensor cooking controls of GE Over the range microwave detect humidity and hence automatically adjust the time and power level. Last representative asked why I even made an appointment if I didn't have the parts. I called to see if someone can help me figure out why my built in microwave is running but no heat. For example, if you purchase two eligible microwaves, only one will be considered for … Melt feature allows worry-free melting of butter, caramel, chocolate and cheese. Yes, the GE Over the Range Microwave does have an interior light. There are several ways to save money on your GE purchase including claiming rebates and choosing on-sale items through the website. However, after further searching, one was found, and would be delivered. Very flexible and powerful. Overall Rating: … Doubling up as an extractor fan, this over-the-range microwave from LG has the most impressive fan speed of all models … The brand new GE PVM9005SJSS microwave comes with stainless steel exterior, and modern design bring you a style of any kitchen. www.bestovertherangemicrowave.reviews. First, switch off the power and unplug the microwave.Â, Then, you can plug it in and switch on the power.Â. The electronic controls of this GE JVM7195SKSS microwave come with a graphic display that makes this microwave oven is easy to use. This company is not yet accredited. This is the second GE microwave that I have purchased in three years. One day it suddenly died. Get ready and grab the offer. We must be particular with the express cooking options that let us instantly pick a particular time frame. Weight and time defrost of GE Space maker microwave lets you simply enter the weight of the food, and the oven automatically sets the power level and optimal defrosting time. The technician came out and replaced a switch. The GE Spacesaver microwave also has defrosting options by weight or time, reheating options, and also a beverage button. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. No idea how much longer we will have to wait-it seems we are at their mercy. The GE Spacemaker Microwave is equipped with standard options like Reheat, Defrost, Potato and Popcorn preset. This beautiful GE Over the range microwave is an excellent choice for nowadays modern kitchens. Sharp R-820JS Convection Grill Microwave. Multi-lingual capacity: The steam cook buttons of GE Spacemaker microwave perfectly prepare your favourite steamed food. Really did not notice a 4x decrease in cooking time as claimed by GE. Follow the steps below to install a GE Over the Range Microwave-, Follow the instructions below to remove GE Over the Range Microwave-. ft. Over the Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking in Stainless Steel $ 556 00. Within 18 months the GE Microwave will shut off or stops heating. Potential buyers, please beware of this issue. Sensor cooking controls of GE JVM7195EFES microwave automatically adjust time and power which results in delicious cooking. GE appliances come with a traditional warranty, but the company also offers extended coverage with a Service Protection Advantage plan from Assurant, GE’s authorized provider of extended warranties. Third appointment was a repeat yet again (but without a call and with repairman showing up).  The GE Over the Range Microwave lasts for about 10 years. With stellar cooking performance, a straightforward design, and a sale price that often dips below $600, this combination microwave/convection oven and … ft.capacity. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking - Black Slate. No one tests microwave ovens like we do. As of this point, I plan on never purchasing another GE product nor can I in good conscience recommend to anybody that would inquire, purchasing a GE product. Finally, fix the microwave and pug in the power. Add “30 seconds” button adds 30 seconds of microwave cooking time. You can use the three speed, 400-CFM venting system to remove steam, smoke, steam and odours from your kitchen. In general, we prefer exhaust fans with a couple speed options. Moreover, you will never have to worry about smoke and odours. We were so impressed with this OTR combination microwave/ convection unit that we replaced our existing unit at home with the same model. I am still waiting for a new microwave! The microwave is of capacity 1.7 cu ft. The power levels can either switch to the manual mode or can be programmed automatically based on your preference. Customers pick and choose which appliances or systems need to be covered. GE over the range microwave has everything you could look for like Design, venting, performance etc. 10 Easy-to-use GE Over the Range Microwaves – Perfect addition to your Kitchen! The quality of the food prepared is an essential thing. preferably, we must look for the CFM options that showed effective venting capabilities, in general over 250 CFM.