World’s Largest 11 Botanical Gardens. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Missouri Botanical Garden There’s much to love about the 79-acre Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, from the 14-acre Japanese garden to … It has to be the Kew Royal Gardens in London. Owner Yves Saint Laurent, the legendary fashion designer, even named a shade of nail polish from his luxury cosmetics line after it. Its stunning cobalt blue accents make it easy to distinguish from any other botanical garden. This garden has won a priviledged place among the garden of the world and is regarded as one of the best in the east for its lay out, grandeur, maintenance, botanical interest and scenic beauty. The Royal Botanical Gardens, beside the Thames in Kew, is home to the world’s largest collection of plants. A botanical garden is a place where plants, especially ferns, conifers and flowering plants, are grown and displayed for the purposes of research, conservation, and education. The Majorelle Garden is a twelve-acre botanical garden and artist’s landscape garden in Marrakech, Morocco. Unlike most US botanical gardens in this list, the Desert Botanical Garden is a one of a kind 140-acre botanical garden that features a world-class collection of more than 50,000 desert plants in an outdoor display. The garden features everything from spectacular orchids to cycads from the time of the dinosaurs. Please log … Nearly 130 years and 250 acres later, that picturesque greenspace has morphed into the New York Botanical Garden, the largest city-based botanical … NBG is powered by 100% renewable energy! Currently, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is the largest botanical garden in the world, which spread across121 hectares between Richmond and Kew in southwest London, England. Singapore’s National Orchid Garden, which boasts the world's largest collection of orchids, is located inside the garden. Oh my gourd! 9 big, beautiful botanical gardens around the world 1. Established in 1840 from then exotic garden at Kew Park in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, this garden today displays atleast more than 30,000 different species of plants, while the herbarium has over seven million preserved plant specimens. It has four gardens, and the Chinese Garden is the largest one of its kind outside China. Largest famous botanical garden of world is Royal Botanical Garden, Kew (London), England. Largest botanical garden of India is Indian Botanical Garden, Sibpur, Howrah, Kolkata, West Bengal. Cultivate a patch of happiness at the Space for Life. Who would ever though that the largest botanical garden in the world will be based in the middle of a desert?. The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, Australia are one of the largest in the world, covering 74 acres (30 hectares). Founded in 1910, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a 52-acre haven located in Mount Prospect Park. Photo via Rio Carioca. An oasis in the middle of the city for over 80 years, the Montréal Botanical Garden is recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. The winners for Best Botanical Garden are in! The Kew Royal Botanical Garden in London is the world’s largest collection of living plants. New York is now home (once again) to some of the world's largest pumpkins. Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England – known as the largest botanical garden in the world, this 300-acre garden near London is home to the world’s biggest collection of living plants. Marshall Tito when visited India in 1955 commented “India is a garden and Lalbagh is the heart of it”. Are you looking to lose weight ? The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden or Indian Botanical Garden (West Bengal) is the largest and oldest botanical garden in … Montreal Botanic Garden — Montreal, Canada. Due to the extent of its facilities and collection, it is one considered one of the world’s most important botanic gardens. Singapore’s first ever UNESCO heritage site, this tropical oasis in … Singapore Botanical Garden, Singapore A fountain inside Singapore's National Orchid Garden. Royal Botanical Garden, Burlington, Canada. Approximate number of living plant accessions recorded in these botanic gardens — 600,000. In fact, the collections at Kew and Wakehurst Place include over 28,000 taxa of living plants, 8.3 million plant and fungal herbarium specimens, and 30,000 species in the seed bank. 43 points - … The beautiful Botanical Garden, situated in the heart of Copenhagen, is a living museum and home to Denmark’s largest collection of plants from all over the world, incl. National Botanic Garden Belgium It is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world with an extensive collection of living plants in addition to a herbarium of over 3 million specimens.It contains about 18,000 plant species—about 6% of all known plant species of the world. a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit supporting our community. At the Montréal Botanical Garden, visitors of all ages can explore and learn about plants from every corner of … (CNN) — The Dubai Miracle Garden is certainly aptly named considering that -- like pretty much everything in this Middle Eastern destination -- it was built on desert land. Just like the Kirstenbosch gardens of Cape Town, the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden boasts its own impressive view: the Corcovado Mountain and Christ the Redeemer statue. Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens. Lay of the Land: On what was once a country estate on the outskirts of Kyoto, this 4.9-acre garden is now (as of 1994) on UNESCO's World … This list is intended to include all significant botanical gardens and arboretums in the United States.. The titan arum in Meise Botanic Garden is in near bloom but, this year, it will flower without the usual crowds, with the garden opting to live stream the event Botanic garden will livestream fetid bloom of world’s largest flower The total number of Botanic Gardens recorded in the United States of America depends on criteria used and is in the range from 296 to 1014.. It’s also the largest botanical garden in the world. Virginia’s Largest Botanical Garden. Wisteria is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae (Leguminosae), that includes ten species of woody climbing bines (twining vines) that are native to China, Korea, Japan, and the Eastern United States.Some species are popular ornamental plants. National Botanical Research Institute is situated at Lucknow (India). This botanical garden, which is an epic with its beauty, is established on an area of ​​approximately 1000 ... Jardim Botanico, Rio de Janerio, Brazil. The 12-ha (29.6-acre) site was established in 1940 and currently has over 2,000 species of flora. The Miracle Garden in Dubai is spread over 72,000 square meters making it the world’s largest natural flower garden featuring over 45 million flowers planted. Founded in 1840, it has over 30,000 different kinds of plants, one of the world’s largest herbariums and a library with over 750,000 volumes, including priceless texts by famous botanists like Joseph Banks. Wondering which is the most famous botanical garden in the world? 1 Answer. Norfolk Botanical Garden was honored to be chosen by the Association of Fundraising Professionals as Outstanding Non-Profit in Fundraising for 2019 While most visitors are there for the flower exhibits, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has made great contributions to our understanding of botanical science.