What is the best bait for mackerel? Clarkspoon Painted Saltwater Trolling Spoon Lures for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and More. Best Lures to Catch King Mackerel. They come in a variety of types, but being heavy and metal both have great advantages. Latest. The lateral line on Spanish and Cero mackerel slopes gradually from the top edge of the gill to the tail. Sorry this content is for subscribers only. The piers and bridges can also offer some good fishing for Spanish mackerel when these fish are moving through the area looking for bait fish. When I lived in Victoria decades ago, couta fishing was big business, and can still remember the pros trolling with large Smith jigs with two hooks attached, and catching thousands of fish. Spanish mackerel have incredibly sharp teeth and you must use a good amount of wire leader to prevent bite-offs. Boats. *Lures for Spanish mackerel work best with a high speed retrieve *Best color lures are silver, pink, white, and gold. We discuss the best lures, tackle and retrieves for keeping lines tight and rods bent targeting these tasty speedsters and head out nearshore to chase migrating Spanish Mackerel along Sanibel and Captiva Island in Southwest Florida. They are fish feeders and seem to focus mostly on anchovies, minnows … Mackerel Lures Australia. 99 £16.99 £16.99 For offshore areas like along the Barrier Reef it is a pretty simple job knowing where to drag your lures or bait as all you need is to find where the current is pushing along a hard-faced coral ledge and you will be in business. Spanish Mackeral Scomberomorus commerson Other Names:King Mackerel, Tanguique, Spanish or Spaniard. Boat Control Systems: Joysticks, Thrusters and More. FREE Shipping. You could cast out your feathers, but please know that it’s dangerous on a charter boat full of anger. Some of the best lures to use are jigs, spoons, crankbaits and swimbaits. Mackerel are more than baitfish or a summer holiday pastime. Clarkspoon Mini Spreader Bar | Spanish Mackerel Bluefish Mahi Mahi Nearshore. This is an exceptional game fish that can be taken on a wide array of lures and baits. For one, weight equals distance, and allows you to reach the schools without spooking the fish. The most fun way is arguably with a single spinner or a float rod fishing rod. What are the best lures for Spanish mackerel? indestructable as well and half the price of a rapala. What lures to use for mackerel? Spanish mackerel are a very fun fish to catch. Alan Yates opens up the options for catching mackerel - a very popular sea species… Mackerel get a lot of bad press. 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. I hope this helps Good Luck. *Short wire leaders will prevent these toothy fish from cutting your line and stealing your expensive tackle. Mackerel are almost perfect predators- fast, sleek and equipped with razor sharp teeth capable of effortlessly slicing through prey…in short, a baitfish’s worst nightmare. I usually use a mixture of swimming baits and lures when fishing for Spanish mackerel. As we mentioned, Spanish Mackerel are really fun to catch. out performed many of the other more expensive lures getting trolled in the pattern. Trolling lures and baits can be one of the most relaxing and productive way of gamefishing, sportsfishing, and catching Spanish mackerel.With a good team of skipper, anglers and decky’s, some great teamwork, some great fish can be caught. Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro Jigging Bait. The other major positive to this eye-popping mackerel method is that stickbaits generally attract a much larger class of spannie. How to Rig a Flying Fish for Kite Fishing. New Boats at the 2020 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show . The trolling set up that has worked for me is quite simple. Choosing the most suitable lure or bait to catch mackerel is quite challenging since this fish generally can be hard to catch and sometime it is technical especially if you want to capture Spanish mackerel. The best lure for catching lots of mackerel are mackerel feathers or Sabiki feathers. As for casting from a boat it is best to find where they are by trolling or spotting surface activity before you go burning your arms casting blindly all day. All you get back is a mullet head with no body and no mackerel on your hook. Dave Lear. $9.99 $ 9. The Spanish mackerel will hit a 6 inch finger mullet but you very rarely catch them with a bait that big. These are some of the best kingfish lures according to experienced anglers. Live baits such as finger mullet, small menhaden, pilchards and shrimp work well for Spanish mackerel. Mackerel aren’t picky and will go for whatever bait you’re using for other fish as well. The King mackerel has none. 4 treble hook. Deep divers tend to work well for casting even though they are designed for trolling yet most who cast lures for mackerel from a boat are using surface lures such as poppers and stick baits. Trolling Lures And Swimming Baits For Spanish Mackerel. chrisinbama September 12, … Try one month for $1. Other good Spanish lures are Mackerel Trees, which use several short pieces of small surgical tubing and a Clarkspoon on a multiple hook rig, Mackerel Dusters, which place a Mylar skirt approximately 18 inches ahead of a Clarkspoon and Bird Rigs, which use a single Clarkspoon with a shorter leader, on the surface behind a floating “bird”. Fishing. Spanish Mackerel Lures and Bait. Spanish Mackerel. “My best advice for fishing for Spanish mackerel is to fish a moving tide. Trolling lures at about 6 knots but you should slow down to about 4 knots when trolling wolf herring or rigged gars. And that’s why you may often ask which one is the best lure to catch those fish? If you are planning on fishing the middle of the day a downrigger will help as the Mackerel go deep and with a downrigger, you can put the baits right in front of their noses and tease them into a late bite.. They will rip of some serious drag on light tackle making them an exciting fish to catch off of the beach. The Best Time of Year for Spanish Mackerel. Smaller baits definitely increase your hook up ratio. In this article, we’ll teach what exactly a bubble rig is, how to make one, as well as the proper ways to fish a bubble rig for Spanish mackerel. ‘Proper’ anglers don’t want the stigma of catching them or bei 99. Course Overview. Mackerel Lures For Sale – Choosing the best lures for mackerel can be challenging so we have created a category to take this challenge away and have put together a range below for you to browse. Yes, you can catch a Spanish by casting, but for every one you catch casting lures another angler will catch ten on the troll. Already a subscriber? A number of the fish were over 20 inches, with my best of the season just shy of 23 inches. Captain Dana James, another fine area guide, says, “Spanish mackerel fish can be found in Mobile Bay or out in the Gulf. In 2018, from shore, I caught approximately 13 Spanish mackerel and more than 100 small bonito. Sign in. In the Spring, their main forage is a Menhaden minnow. Trolling for Spanish Mackerel (Part 2 of 4) Boat for Sale - 2009 CruiseCraft Outsider 575; Threadybusters in the Haughton; Mixed Bag form Maggie Shoals; Trolling for Spanish Mackerel (Part 1 of 4) June (4) May (4) April (7) March (6) February (7) January (12) 2010 (133) Unless you’re by yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. More Gear. The Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow has been a favorite choice for freshwater anglers all over the United States, as well as Canada. The first (spiny) dorsal on Spanish and Cero mackerel has a prominent black patch. And the in-close gas rigs as well as the gas rigs in the bay can be good.” Captain Dana continues. FLADEN Fishing - 12 (2 x 6 Styles) Assorted Classic Ready to Use Tied Boat Sea and Shore Feather Lure Rig Range for Cod Herring and Mackerel on a Backing Card [17-ASST01] 4.5 out of 5 stars 360 £14.99 £ 14 . Because Spanish mackerel like a fast-moving bait, trolling is the best way to catch them. spanish mackerel, salt, olive oil, zucchini, olive oil, red bell peppers and 14 more Spanish Mackerel Cutlets with Warm Lentil & Preserved Lemon Salad Sydney Fish Market preserved lemon, ground coriander, lentils, red onion, garlic and 12 more In my lifetime of chasing these beautiful fish, I have found that I can catch plenty of Spanish from May through November. The best bait for catching mackerel is either a sandeel or strip of mackerel, but lures are also highly effective. Even though Spanish mackerel are not the biggest fish in the Gulf—a big one will weigh five or six pounds—they are one of the most popular summer season gamesters. ... Best Seller in Fishing Spoons. However, November is really when I start to find the bigger Spanish Mackerel moving up shallow into the surf. Updated: May 15, 2019. In contrast that of the king mackerel takes an abrupt drop at mid-body. Your Instructor. The best lures for Spanish mackerel are the hard metal lures. How To. Being pelagic fish, Spanish mackerel love to frequent areas where there is good current, and rubble ground or structure that will hold bait. Dixey Bar is a good place. For larger baits over 1ft long to target larger Spanish mackerel I will use a 2-3ft 70-80lb single strand wire leader and a larger 6/0-8/0 J hook to pin the fish in the mouth. *Spanish mackerel readily take live shrimp or baitfish. Although spooling a whole reel with fluorocarbon is costly (you have to frequently throw far, requiring bunches of the line for Spanish mackerel), fluorocarbon line is the best material to use as a pioneer for live trap angling, and is likewise particularly acceptable as a pioneer for baits. By Capt. The best time to chase Spanish Mackerel is early morning (sunrise to about 9 am) and late afternoon ( 3 pm until dark). Best Times. Pro fishermen have been trolling for pelagics since almost the beginning of time, catching Spanish mackerel, tuna, kingfish and other sought-after species. The Mackerel Family meets the Halco Family. Mackerel lure comes in variety of sizes, colors, and materials. This bi-annual migration offers excellent fishing action just a … You can also look near oyster bars and piers for a school of Spanish Mackerel during these warmer months. Boats. Subscribe to continue reading. To really do things right and be a Chesapeake trolling high-liner, you really should have at least two sets of rods – one in the 20- to 30-pound class, and one that’s 40-plus. Nylon jigs are thought about on of the best lures, specifically when retrieved rapidly with an occasional jerk of the rod tip to impact a darting movement to the jig. A bubble rig is one of the most simple types of fishing lures, yet it works wonders when fishing for Spanish mackerel. Caught on the right tackle they can be real fun to catch. The best time to fish Spanish Mackerel is typically from March to September as they come closer to shore. HOW TO CATCH SPANISH MACKEREL. i caught a few spaniards, shark mackerel and tuna on this Lively Lure mack bait in purple mirror colour when i went to swains last time. @chrisinbama: Trolling is the best way to catch Spanish mackerel. Make sure you keep everything nice and tight. The following year was nearly a complete flip-flop because I landed 14 bonito and more than 80 Spanish mackerel.