The stars of the film assembled on a set structured to resemble a decrepit version of the old watering hole they frequented in the movie. Welcome; Lineup. George Wendt, like the other cameo actors, did not get paid for his appearance, which later got him into hot water with the Screen Actors Guild and set the wheels in motion for SAG to begin organizing the music video industry. A bit of trivia about Loring. Good luck deal hunting! However, while Monáe headlined many of her high school's musicals, she lost one major part—Dorothy in The Wiz—because family duty called. Thankyou for let me relive my Youth. She also has some serious Ivy League endorsements. actors turned singers, Here are 10 actors that we tracked down to give you their current status. Bruce Willis released two albums in the '80s. SHARE. He is royalty alright! 15 Judd Nelson. Steven Spielberg invited Cyndi Lauper to be the musical director for the soundtrack to his 1985 adventure film The Goonies. Died of pneumonia on June 5th,2004. Reitman liked the idea and ran with it, popping a cassette of the tune into a boombox and calling on various industry friends (or actors who happened to be working nearby, such as John Candy on the set of Brewster’s Millions), with a small camera crew in tow. I think It was someone with the name Harris in it? This strong and forceful personality rose to fame in the 80s. Top 100 Artists of the 80's based on sales, Billboard charts and airplay. She was 21, and he was 16 years her senior. She has had even further and greater success in the 2000's with hits such as Can't Get You Outta My Head. Check it out: 1. 1.EnzoZelocchi (1).jpg 664 × 894; 131 KB. As if Monáe's music career wasn't impressive enough, she's also shown some serious acting talent in the last several years. It must be Eddie Murphy week or something. The film was so successful ... Bruce Penhall ... Bryan Murray ... Burt Reynolds . As a result, a fellow classmate got the part; according to Rolling Stone, it's something that still bothers Monáe to this day. The trio of actors had three hours of rehearsal to learn their Temptations-style moves, and they actually sang along to the track as it played, rather than simply lip-syncing. SHARE. 80's, Judge: ‘Precious little proof’ in Ga. election fraud suit. My guidelines in making this list was, first they had to have notoriety as an actor before notoriety as a singer. "We Are The World" 90s Bands with an 80s Sound Benefits Christmas Music Favorite Songs From Movies Music in Commercials Meaning Behind Lyrics Favorite Lyrics 80s Dances Covered Songs Covers in the 80s Christmas Compilations Favorite Music Videos Top 5 Songs About Masturbation Perfect 80s Videos Top Ten Songs Top Ten Albums Top Ten Music Videos 99 Red Balloons (Eng/Ger) Comparison … Take a trip down nostalgia lane for this rundown of famous ‘80s actors that are still rich. RSS Feed Directory - Search and read RSS Feeds without any RSS reader. These characters were brought to life by a host of talented child actors and in this post we’ve decided to try and find out where the much-loved cast of Grange Hill are now. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the song, Bruce Willis didn't do too bad of a job, with the help of a Pointer Sister, in turning this cover into a top 5 hit in 1987. Her hits are way too many to list and besides everybody already knows how huge a star she is. In music, there are artists, original artists, and then there’s Janelle Monáe. My guidelines in making this list was, first they had to have notoriety as an actor before notoriety as a singer. janet jackson, Springfield played Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera (yeah I know, another soap star) General Hospital. Also, the R&B singer Robin Thicke is her son with Alan Thicke. Monaé's talent was clear at a young age. In 2014, after headlining Harvard’s annual Yardfest event, Monáe was the first recipient of the award for Achievement in Arts and Media by the Harvard College Women’s Center. Queen was commissioned to provide the soundtrack to the 1986 film Highlander, and “Princes of the Universe” (which was played over the main titles) was the only track on the album to be credited solely to Freddie Mercury. They were so cheesy, so stupid and so mindless that we loved them beyond recognition and still do to this day. The Afrofuturism and sci-fi elements of Monáe's earlier music aren't emphasized as much on her most recent album, Dirty Computer, but the excellent quality is. There are countless musicians and artists who can claim the late Prince as an inspiration. Lambert told Entertainment Tonight that he totally enjoyed the experience; that it was like being witness to a private Queen concert. Who sang in the early `80s ...All my Life? However, back then, they were a part of our everyday lives and we often wonder what happened to them since. There were a lot of great movies and TV shows in the 80s and many of them had actors that we haven’t seen since. Here are some fascinating facts about the talent behind The Electric Lady. Of course, Hudson isn't the only singer that has gone on to have a successful acting career. The Jewel of the Nile producer Michael Douglas was savvy enough to have kept his eye on MTV and the previous videos that had helped to promote films (particularly Eddy Grant’s “Romancing the Stone”) and thus was the driving force behind the video accompanying Billy Ocean’s “When the Going Gets Tough.”, Douglas enlisted his The Jewel of the Nile co-stars Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito to perform with him as a “doo-wop” type of backup group. SHARE. The Breakfast Club (1985) bad boy, steeped in denim and topped off with a bandana that became it’s own mini-fad, captivated guys and gals alike with his charismatic insults and whip-smart comebacks. This titular "archandroid" was meant to serve as a bridge between humans and robots. Highlander star Christopher Lambert flew in from Paris just to film a quick “sword battle” with Mercury for the video. The list includes people like Frank Sinatra, Wilford Brimley, Jack Nicholson, Charlie Chaplin, Marlon Brando and many more. (by the way some people get you mix up with Bruce Springsteen lol)By the way , i like Maroon5 and some modern singers as well But my fav music will always be 80s.God bless ,America Amen. Actors of the '80s: Then and now 7/13/2016. Ditto John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Now songs could become popular not just due to radio airplay, but also thanks to music videos. When it came time to film the video for the song, it had to be shot within a 24-hour timeframe, due to some of Parr’s previous commitments. Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers, including Amazon, and may receive a small percentage of any sale. Janelle Monáe performing at the 2016 Boston Calling Music Festival. When it comes to her fashion sense, Monáe is known for her daring styles. Having starred in a few school plays in his youth, he even offered them a couple of acting tips. "So that was one reason why I was constantly wearing the black-and-white tuxedo," she said. Richard Gere. Toby Radloffsays: September 13, 2015 at 9:13 pm. During The Electric Lady tour, fans were given pamphlets labeled "The Ten Droid Commandments." Monáe has been a powerful presence in films like Moonlight and Hidden Figures, along with her starring role in the second season of Homecoming. All actors want to be singers and all singers want to be actors. Jack Wagner, who played Frisco Jones on General Hospital, hit #2 with this early 1985 song. The identity of the young blonde woman by the name of Jenny seen dancing in the video remained unknown until 2013, when she was identified as Louise Court , [11] a journalist who was editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan and became a director at Hearst Magazines UK in 2015. Labels: Although, Gloria Loring was singing before making it as an actor, it was her acting that first gained her large notoriety. She co-wrote, composed (with ex-husband Alan Thicke) and sang the Diff'rent Strokes and Facts of Life theme songs. I hope you enjoyed. She received an email from a fan and sent a response—on a company computer. Here, you’ll find 38 percent off the LyxPro 39-inch guitar kit bundle, complete with a guitar, personal amp, and all the other tools and equipment you’ll need to learn at home. TWEET. The trio of … In 1986 she paired with Carl Anderson for the #2 hit Friends and Lovers. Some with excellent results and others disastrous. Meshell Ndegeocello Songwriter Interviews Meshell Ndegeocello talks about recording "Wild Night" with John Mellencamp, and explains why she shied away from the spotlight. According to Rolling Stone, he was the first person to receive a copy of Monáe's debut studio album, The ArchAndroid, which was delivered with flowers and a handwritten tracklist. It was a decade full of beefy dudes like Sylvester Stallone and cutie-pies like Andrew McCarthy. Second, their notoriety for both had to come in the decade of the 80's. With that said, let's get to the list. Lauper was disappointed with the final result, not only because Spielberg cut most of the music from the film—making the soundtrack “meaningless” in Lauper’s opinion—but because the title of her song “Good Enough” was changed to “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough.” Studio execs believed that listeners wouldn’t associate the song with the movie unless “Goonies” was in the title; Lauper thought the new title sounded “cheesy.”, Nevertheless, she filmed a long-form, two-part video for the song, which featured not only members of the movie’s cast but also several WWF stars like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Captain Lou Albano, and André the Giant. Here is a flashback to what these wonderful Actors appeared like then and the way they appear now. We’ve compiled a list of the best and worst musical albums made by actors, but we’ve set a few parameters. The actor did, however, show off his musical chops in the Academy Award-winning film, "La La Land," in 2016. The '80s were notable for another major development in music: the introduction of MTV in 1981. “Sweet Freedom” wasn’t technically the theme song to Running Scared, the 1986 buddy cop film starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines; that honor belongs to Fee Waybill’s “Running Scared,” which played over the opening credits.